Fix: PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to any Button

Sony launched its new gaming console with a completely new design and hardware in a premium price segment starting from $499. In addition, Sony made some changes to the hardware and look in the PS5 and the DualSence wireless controller with haptic feedback, Adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and signature comfort. But many users are facing the issue of PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to any Button.

Sony is regularly providing updates to resolve the issue from their end, but it doesn’t seem to work for the majority of users. Still, many users encounter an error in Dual sense controllers with console-like buttons, where the controller is unresponsive while opening or playing games. Here we have a few methods to fix the PS5 remote not responding to any button with easy steps.

Fix: PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to any Button

Fix: PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to Any Button

Everyone likes PS5 remote or the DualSence controller due to the comfort, design, and other feature, but the biggest drawback in the controller is to turn on the PS5 we have to press the PS button from the controller, and the thumb grip is not so smooth after few months of use. The plastic buttons are also not so handy, and sometimes we have to press many times to apply.

Before moving to the methods, you must first check for any hardware damage because a circuit makes it, and it may not work properly due to damage. After that, if the controller is charged enough, you can also not use it. Next, try to connect the PS5 remote via the original wire with the console and then check if it is working or not. If it is still the same, follow the below methods to fix the issue.

Reset The PS5 DualSence Controller

It is one of the basic troubleshooting to fix the PS5 remote buttons that are not working. Resting the controller will fix all the minor technical bugs in the controller.

  • Turn off the PS5 Console and then flip the controller to the backside.
  • Now take any small tool or pin and insert it into the small hole on the back of the controller.

  • Hold the pin for 2-3 seconds to reset the controller.
  • After that, connect the DualSence controller to the PS5 console via USB cable and press the PS button to connect.

Update PS5 Controller’s Firmware

We almost forget to check any firmware update for the controller. However, the Console will show and automatically update the remote’s firmware, but sometimes we have to check it manually. 

  • Connect the remote to the Console via USB cable, then go to the home screen.
  • Now navigate and select the Settings and press the X key in the Accessories option.

  • Next, choose Controllers, go to Wireless Controller Device Software, and search for updates.
  • It will automatically search for updates from the PlayStation server and down the update.

Check For Firmware Update

If the controller is already updated to its latest version, then the next thing is to check any update is available for the console. If you have any other controller, you may check if any update is available. Sometimes due to any technical glitch from the back end, the control does not work properly, and it will fix by an update.

  • Go to the Settings and then select the System option.
    Fix: PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to any Button
  • Then navigate to the System Software Update and Settings.

  • After that, choose Update system Software and wait for a few minutes. Then, it will automatically search for the latest firmware version and install it on the PS5.
    Fix: PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to any Button

Restore to Default Settings

Restore to default settings will reset the console, and it won’t delete any of your saved files. But you have to pair the controller again with a USB cable.

  • Go to the Settings and then select the System option.

  • Now select the System Software and then choose Reset options.

  • After that, select Reset Option and wait till the process is complete.
    Fix: PS5 Remote Not Working or Responding to any Button
  • Now connect the controller, pair it with the console, and check if it is working.


If none of the above methods will work for you, we recommend you contact customer support because the console is in the warranty, or if it is not, they will repair it. You can google the customer care number or the official mail id and contact them for further assistance. Let us know if you need any other fix for your Console in the comment section and more technical information, visit our homepage.

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