Fix: PS5 Twitch Crashing or Not Working Issue

When it comes to gaming content, YouTube and Twitch are the reigning giants, each boasting hundreds of thousands of creators. While YouTube excels at hosting gaming montages and occasional game streams, Twitch stands unrivaled for live streaming content.

Globally, people tune in to watch their favorite Twitch streamers engage in gaming, podcasts, casual streams, and more. Twitch has become the premier platform for creators to broadcast their gameplay and for major organizations to host esports tournaments. Although many viewers access Twitch through the web version on their laptops or computers, a significant number also use the mobile app available on Android and iOS.

In addition to mobile and web access, Twitch is also available on various devices like Roku, Fire TV Stick, Android TV, and PlayStation. However, if you’ve been experiencing issues with watching streams on your console, specifically the PS5, this guide is here to help! Read on to discover how to easily fix PS5 Twitch crashing or not working issues and get back to enjoying your favorite streams.

fix PS5 Twitch crashing or not working issue

Reasons Why PS5 Twitch Crashing:

  1. Network issues: If your internet connection is slow or unstable, it can cause the Twitch app to crash. Try restarting your router or modem to see if it resolves the issue.
  2. Outdated app: If you have an outdated version of the Twitch app on your PS5, it may not be compatible with the system software, causing it to crash. Update the Twitch app and your PS5 system software to the latest version.
  3. Corrupted data: If the data on the Twitch app or your PS5 system is corrupted, it can cause the app to crash. You can try deleting and reinstalling the Twitch app or rebuilding the PS5 database to fix any corrupted data.
  4. Hardware issues: In some cases, hardware issues with the PS5 console can cause the Twitch app to crash. If none of the above solutions works, you may need to contact Sony customer support for further assistance.

How to Fix PS5 Twitch Crashing or Not Working Issue

Since the PlayStation 5 also doubles as a great media player that is always hooked up to your living room TV, many people download popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and even Twitch. There could be many reasons why you may be facing the PS5 Twitch crashing issue on your console. We have listed some of the most common fixes that are most likely to solve this problem for you:

1. Update the Twitch app

In case of a known bug affecting users in large numbers, there could most likely be an update available for the app on the PS5 store. Ensure you have the latest version of the Twitch app installed on your PS5 and try relaunching it.

2. Sign out of your Twitch Account

There also could be a bug related to your Twitch account itself that may require reauthentication. To fix such an issue, we recommend you sign out of your account on the PS5 Twitch app and log back in.

3. Reinstall the Twitch App

If both the fixes mentioned above haven’t worked out for you, try uninstalling the Twitch app and downloading it again from the PlayStation store. This fixes any corrupt files that may have occurred during prior updates to the Twitch app.

4. Check for Software Updates

There is a good chance that your PS5’s current OS version itself might be causing you issues with the Twitch app. Head over to Settings and check for any available software updates.

5. Troubleshoot your PS5

If all the above solutions don’t fix the PS5 Twitch not working issue, try to see if any other apps on your PS5 have the same issue. Additionally, unplug and replug your HDMI cable or try a different port on your TV. If any other apps on your PS5 are having a similar problem, reach out to Sony’s support team.


We hope our guide on how to fix PS5 Twitch crashing or not working issue was helpful to you. If you have any tips besides what we’ve mentioned, let the other readers know in the comments below! If you have any queries regarding the guide, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help!

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