How to Find If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

One of the most aggressive things that you can do on social media to tell people you are not happy is by blocking them. Well, just because it is a secret thing. The person who is getting blocked doesn’t receive any notification. This is the case on almost all social media platforms. However, there are times when you want to know if someone has blocked you, and if you are trying to figure that out on Instagram, then you are in the right place.

Sometimes, you know that someone has blocked you, but you still want to confirm. Doing the same on Instagram is a pretty straightforward process. In general, Instagram doesn’t send you any notification or alert if someone blocks you. Well, there are still some signs or ways of figuring out if you are really blocked or not. Keep reading to know about them.

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Ways To Find If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Blocked on Instagram

One of the easiest and straightforward way to knowing if someone blocked you on Instagram is by searching their profile. You will not be able to see their story, account, or posts. If the account shows up during your search, then it means you are not blocked. You can also do the same using your friend’s Instagram account. If they show up in their search and not yours, then you know the answer. For some reason, if you don’t want to involve your friend or anyone else, then you can follow the search method by creating a new Instagram account.


Another easy way of figuring out is by checking their comments on your older posts or mutual friends. If you can see their comments and likes but not account, then you are definitely blocked.


In case, if you want to block or unblock someone on Instagram, then head to their profile > Settings > Block or Unblock as per your preference.

I hope this article helped you in figuring out the person who has blocked you and who hasn’t. See you next time; till then, happy lurking!

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