View Instagram Stories and Posts Without Instagram Account

If a person posts on his Instagram stories, the people who follow him can view them. But the person who posted can see who else views his/her post. It may be good, but also some people may want to anonymously View Instagram stories & posts without an Instagram account. Either to stalk someone or just to check someone’s profile.

A person without an account also may want to view the stories. In such cases, there are some workarounds and services available to view stories anonymously. All of these services are completely legal and safe to use.

View Instagram stories & posts without Instagram account

How to View Instagram stories & posts without an Instagram account

There could be many reasons for that. Some may want to view the stories but don’t want to create an Instagram account. Some may want to view stories of their ex or crush without them knowing because that would put them in an awkward situation. This depends on the person. So let’s see the possible methods of doing so.

Option 1: Using web services

There are plenty of websites available that allow us to watch Instagram stories without an account or even the Instagram app. But one downside is that we cannot see stories of private accounts, because to view stories of a private account you want to follow that person and the person has to accept the following request. Let’s see some websites and methods of using it.

(Note: All these websites work great on mobile browsers too.)

Here are some preferred websites:

This website provides a clean interface for the users. Simply go to this link and provide the Instagram username. Now Enter the username if the IG user and press enter, if it’s a public account, you can see their stories and posts straight from the website without providing any pieces of information. The website also provides the ability to download them.

View Instagram stories & posts without Instagram account

This website looks polished and even has a dark mode. Simply go to this link and type the username in the search field and hit enter. Select the user from the results and view their stories from the website.

View Instagram stories & posts without Instagram account

This page allows us to download profile pictures and highlights, along with stories in High definition. Similarly, visiting this link and typing the username into the text box provides us with the story that can’t be downloaded onto out PC/Phone.

Method 2: Private accounts

You may have noticed that this website only allows you to watch stories of public accounts. But to watch stories of private accounts, you need to create an Instagram account and follow the person. Once you follow, you can see their stories without them knowing with an app called stories saver. Follow these steps to do so.

Download the Stories saver app from Google Play store.

[googleplay url=””]

Login to your account that you’ve created and have followed the person.

Now, select on the person’s stores long press and select save.

After that, you can see the story from your gallery without the person knowing.


So now you know how to anonymously View Instagram stories & posts with or without an Instagram account. As you can see, it’s very easy to do. Although, it’s not illegal to do so, keep in mind to respect others’ privacy and use these services for fun and creative purposes. Hence everything depends upon the person who possesses and harnesses such technology.

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