Why is my iPhone 13 Overheating, Is there any Fix?

It is normal for smartphones to get warm as we keep using them regularly. Most smartphones even get hotter when we put them in charge or if we use them for a very long time. And coming to the Apple devices, i.e., iPhones and iPad, they usually get warm while on charge. However, recently iPhone users seem all worried out as they keep dealing with their iPhone 13 overheating issue. There have been many queries about the same ever since the launch of the latest iPhone 13.

While getting warm or hot sounds pretty much normal, overheating of these devices might stand out as a real deal for the users. So, why is your iPhone 13 getting overheated? Is there any possible fix to this problem? Worry not, as we will discuss everything you need to know and share some of the possible fixes that should work out well. Therefore, keep up with our article to find all your answers and reach a sorted conclusion.

Why is my iPhone 13 Overheating, Is there any Fix

Why is my iPhone 13 getting overheated?

As mentioned earlier, iPhones generally get a rise in temperature when they are put in charge. However, there might be several other reasons why your phone is getting heated up. So, if you are experiencing this issue even while using your device or as you keep it at rest, these are probably some reasons why your device is getting overheated. But we have considered the most common causes as CPU and battery are the core of such problems. It’s better to check the symptoms of a dead iPhone 13 battery to prevent the possible issues in advance.

  • Using your phones for a very long period of time.
  • Doing high-end gaming on your phone.
  • Using too many applications in the background and not closing them properly after use.
  • Temporary software glitch.
  • Using GPS services for a long time, etc.


Besides, there might also be other issues as well, due to which your device is getting overheated. But we have considered the most common causes as CPU and battery are the core of such problems.

Fix for my iPhone 13 Overheating issue

If your iPhone gets overheated very frequently, then it is a very negative sign for your device. It might bring serious damages to your device, temporary or sometimes even permanent. In case the overheating exceeds the device temperature limit, your iPhone will immediately display a message on the screen saying, ‘Your iPhone needs to cool down before further use.’ At that time, you might need to switch off your device and keep it in a cool place for some time until it gets back to normal temperature.

However, if you are newly encountering this issue on your device and want a proper fix to this problem, here are a few possible fixes to prevent your device from overheating.

Fix 1: Remove background apps

If you previously open any application and then jump to another without closing the previous one, they just keep operating in the background, consuming some amount of the RAM. This might be a reason why you are constantly experiencing overheating issues with your device. In that case, simply remove the background applications and keep your device at rest until it cools down.

A good practice is to close all the recently used apps after their use to save more space in the RAM. This will help in maintaining your device’s temperature.

Fix 2: Restart your iPhone

Restarting devices when they stop working sounds like the universal solution that applies in most cases. Luckily, this trick also proves to be useful in case of iPhone overheating issues. Just switch off your device, let it cool down, and restart it again and start afresh session.

Fix 3: Update your iOS version

Using an older iOS version is also equally responsible for the overheating problem to occur. So, check if you are using the latest iOS version. If not, update your iPhone 13 to the latest iOS version to resolve the problem.

Fix 4: Reset to Default Factory Settings

Sometimes, modifications made in the Settings might lead to such issues, which, if not taken care can result in serious damage. Therefore, if none of the previous fixes works, try resetting your iPhone to its factory settings. This trick again proves out to be a surprise resolve to the iPhone 13 overheating issue.


With that, I would like to end this article. I hope you have finally found the answers you have been looking for. You cannot directly identify what’s causing such an issue. Therefore, if you seem confused about what is causing all this trouble, then you can try these methods one after another and notice which works as a fix in your case. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to contact the iPhone service center and wait for the expert’s advice on a permanent resolution.

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