What Happens When you Block Someone on Discord

Social media is all fun until someone crosses their line. Social networks connect us with various kinds of people. We cannot expect everyone to abide by rules and community guidelines. Always there exist some bad apples that try to rot the whole basket. I’m pretty sure you must have come across users using abusive lingo, racial slurs, name-calling, creepy & lewd messaging, etc.

I’ve come across these noisy users multiple times on various social media. Thankfully, on all social platforms, we have this option to block annoying users. One tap on the Block option and we can keep ourselves at a bay from the foul-mouthed users. We can even go ahead and report them if they do something that violates the guidelines set by that social media platform.

It is even available on Discord, the mega-hub of gaming communities all around the globe. In this guide, I will tell you What Happens When you Block Someone on Discord. Netizens of Discord may be curious regarding the limitations that are set to the users under their block list. Let’s go ahead and check out the same.


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How to Block Someone on Discord

Before talking about the aftermaths of blocking let’s check how to block an unruly user on Discord. It’s pretty straightforward.

For Windows/Mac Users

  • Do a right-click on the name of the concerned person you wish to block
  • From the menu, select Block
  • Confirm the action

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On Android or iOS devices

  • Tap on the person’s profile picture
  • Then hit the 3-dot button present at the top-right corner
  • From the mini-menu select Block

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What Happens When you Block Someone on Discord

Now, some may question what all limitations a blocked user gets to face. Let’s check that out as well.

  • Firstly, blocked users will get no notification that you blocked them. Yes, they may sense it on their own though.
  • Once blocked, a user cannot send you any direct message. If they try messaging you they will receive an error notification.
  • After blocking a person, you and he/she will no more be on each other’s friend list on Discord.
  • He/she cannot mention you/your profile name anywhere on Discord.

Even after blocking, if someone persistently troubles you with sock puppet accounts or inappropriate messages, then screenshot their messages/comments as proof. Then report the matter to cybercrime law enforcement. The Internet is a place where positivity, maturity, and respect for privacy should thrive. It makes no sense for any kind of cyberbullying, abuse, or online harassment. You can report them as well if their action goes against the usage guidelines of that social media. Reporting may result in the termination of their account.

So, that was a brief guide about the aftermaths when you block someone on Discord. I positively suggest that if someone is harassing you over any social media platform block them away.

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