Does Dead By Daylight Support Cross-Play | Cross-Platform Support

Dead By Daylight is a horror, survival, and multiplayer video game from the house of Behaviour Interactive. The game features players taking up the role of the antagonist killer while the others take up the role of survivors. The survivors must escape from the killer else find themselves being tortured to death. With so much to look forward to, most of the fans are confused about whether this game will include cross-play or have cross-platform support.

Survivors have a third-person perspective of the environment, which allows for better decision-making. In contrast, the killer only has a single-person perspective that helps to zone in on any particular survivor trying to make their escape. The intense multiplayer environment blends competitive play and survivor mode in a wonderfully scary manner.

Does Dead By Daylight Support Cross-Play | Cross-Platform Support

Does Dead By Daylight Support Cross-Play | Cross-Platform Support

If you’re wondering if Dead By Daylight supports cross-play or not, well, the answer is ‘Sort Of.’ The main reason being that there are different options to purchase Dead By Daylight at the moment. Right now, it is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile application as well – in both Android and iOS.

Currently, all PC players can play with each other. This feature rolled in late 2019 as Crossfriends Beta, as until then, players who have purchased the game through Steam and Windows Store could not play with each other. Behaviour Interactive will be rolling this feature out into PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Which means that players from all consoled can match against each other. However, there is no specific release date mentioned so far. However, Behaviour Interactive has clarified that the main priority will be enabling cross-play supports on gaming platforms first, and then decide to extend it to mobile gaming. So, users in Android or iOS will not be able to play with friends on other consoles at the moment.



Fortunately, mobile gamers can cross-play against each other.

Does Dead By Daylight Support Cross-Progression

The next obvious question is whether Dead By Daylight will support cross-progression. Well, depending upon your gaming platform, it can be good or bad news. Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that it will add cross-progression support for Dead By Daylight. However, it will only be available for the following:

  • Steam
  • Google Stadia
  • Nintendo Switch

This means that Xbox and PlayStation players will have to wait for some more time to see cross-progression support in Dead By Daylight.

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