Latest iOS 15 update causes Spotify Background Playback issues

It seems that the latest iOS 15 update on iPhones is causing Spotify Background Playback issues like crashing, playback pause randomly, etc while the lock screen is turned off. Well, it’s quite rare for iOS users to experience such issues after having the official stable release from Apple. Spotify is one of the best-in-class music streaming services across all platforms and regions.

The free plan of Spotify offers a lot of features while the premium plan includes ad-free music playback, downloading music for offline streaming, listen to music in groups, and more. Now, some of the affected iOS 15 users have started reporting on the multiple online forums that the Spotify app keeps crashing or the music playback randomly stops while background music playback.

Latest iOS 15 update causes Spotify Background Playback issues
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While using music playback or podcasts with the screen turned on, everything works fine. But whenever the lock screen turns off, the background music playback has some issues whatsoever. Meanwhile, some users have also reported that the background playback stops occasionally even when the screen is turned on which is quite frustrating for sure. Most of the users are claiming that this particular issue has started after upgrading to iOS 15.

However, the same kind of issue has happened earlier on iOS 14.3 operating system at the beginning of 2021. You can take a quick look at the recent reports on the Spotify subreddit forum that we’ve mentioned below.

[iOS 15.0.1] [Spotify 8.6.64 (Latest ver.)] App keeps crashing when I turn off the screen to listen to Spotify in the background. from spotify

Spotify crashes when in background from spotify

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the users are facing the same issue for a month or so. That’s why they doubt whether the Spotify background playing issue is happening due to the iOS 15 update or not. Take a look at this comment below:

Meanwhile, some users have also mentioned that they’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Spotify app which did fix the issue for a while. But after some time the issue has started again.

Whereas some users have asked for assistance on this issue from Spotify support and did the same steps. It worked for them. So, if in case, you’re having issues then try out the steps below that include simply log out of your Spotify account then restart your iPhone and sign back into your Spotify account to check for the background playing issue.

You should also head over to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Turn on Share with app developers so that they can get the error details from the log and fix the issue earlier.


We’ll have to wait for another patch fix for those the above methods don’t work properly. However, there is genuine confirmation available yet whether the specific issue is happening due to the iOS 15 update or there is an issue with Spotify servers or the app itself. Time will tell. Have some patience as of now.

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