Is There iOS 16 / iOS 16.2 Always On Display on iPhone 13 Series?

iOS 16 comes with Always On Display, limiting the battery using capacity and allowing you to keep your iPhone screen turned on at all times. This helps to view important details easily, such as time, any notifications, app messages, etc. The feature is already rolled out for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users, who love it. But people are wondering if this feature is also available on iPhone 13 series, given the fact that iPhone 13 supports iOS 16.

iOS 16 is now a public release and is supported on various iPhone models starting from iPhone 8 to the latest iPhone 14 series. With the new iOS iteration, it brings new features such as a dynamic island, an always-on display, and many other features. These features do sound exciting, but not all of them will be available on the old iPhone series.

Just like usual, Apple has decided to keep some features for only the top models of their iPhone and that is true for the Always On Display feature. Currently, only iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro support this feature because of hardware limitations.

Is There iOS 16 Always On Display on iPhone 13 Series

Is There iOS 16 Always On Display on iPhone 13 Series?

In the latest 2022 event, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series and a couple of new features in iOS 16. Altoguh the Always On Display feature was available in the Apple watch since 2019, the feature is now available on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices. This feature takes advantage of adaptive refresh rates which can vary from 1Hz to 120Hz. Because of its ability to run at low refresh rates, iOS 16 is capable of Always On Display features.

Always On Display is a prominent option on iPhone with an OLED screen with dynamic refresh rate support. When this feature is enabled, you get a glimpse of what’s on your Lock Screen like date, time, weather details, and any pending notifications.

However, many older iPhones including the iPhone 13 series do come with adaptive refresh rate screens. So the question begs if iOS 16 will support the Always On Display feature on iPhone 13 as well. Since iPhone 13 Series are eligible for the iOS 16 update, it should be, but Apple has a different philosophy here.


Will iPhone 13 Series Will get Always On Display later?

While Apple can easily modify the feature to work on iPhone 13 series devices, but the hardware limitation is what stopping them from doing so. You see, the Always On Display feature can only work on OLED panel devices which have a dynamic refresh rate between 1Hz to 120Hz. While for iPhone 13 series, the minimum refresh rate is 10Hz which is not ideal for an Always On Display feature.

Could Apple put always on display on the 13 Pro if they wanted to? from iphone

Although all iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max do not come with a ProMotion display and variable refresh rate. So the feature will never come for these devices. However, for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, there is still some hope as Apple can tweak the feature for iPhone 13 hardware limitations.


A 10Hz refresh rate will consume more energy, but the difference is not drastic and fans will love it if iOS 16 can bring this feature to the iPhone 13 series. Whether Apple decides to bring this feature to the iPhone 13 series or not; only time will tell.

How to Get Always On Display on my iPhone 13?

Well, Apple is not going to implement this feature on iPhone 13 series anytime soon. This is because of the hardware limitation and how Apple is not willing to make the software changes to compensate for the feature in the iOS 16 update. However, if you really want to enjoy the feature, there are third-party solutions that can help you do that.

There is a special third party app that is free to download and can give you the ability to use the always on display feature on your iPhone 13 series. The feature is very similar to the original one and also comes with multiple customization options as well. You can download the OLEDX app from the App Store.

With this app, you will be able to enjoy the basic functionality of iOS 16 Always On Display on your iPhone 13 series. This will not be as efficient as the original feature on iPhone 14 Pro, but good enough to use on a daily basis.


It’s sad to say, but the Always On Display is currently only available in iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max devices only. Apple might soon launch a customized version of the feature to support iPhone 13 series as well, but due to hardware limitations, it seems very unlikely.

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