Fix: Lost Ark Not Loading Due To EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug

It has a very nice blend action style of fighting along with being an RPG as well. The combat system of this isometric 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing game makes you feel terrific and fast-paced, with lots of variation and sub-classes to choose from. There’s lots of content to do on day one.

However, although it is co-developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate’s game development subsidiary Smilegate RPG, users are still often facing some bothersome errors. One of those errors is the Lost Ark fails to or does not loading due to the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug. Well, this EAC bug started appearing from the last patch update.

But, the good news is developers are very well aware of this issue and assured that their team is working on it and will soon roll out some fixes for this issue. So, until they provide any fix, what can you do? The answer is straightforward; you can try out the fixes that we have mentioned below. So, let’s take a look:

Fix: Lost Ark Not Loading Due To EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug

How To Fix Lost Ark Not Loading Due To EasyAntiCheat EAC Bug

So, here are some tricks that you can use to resolve the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug error on your Lost Ark game. Therefore, make sure to perform these tricks very carefully and do not leave the guide until you find a perfect one for yourself.

Fix 1: Restart Your Game

Before we start with the other fixes, it is recommended to restart your game once and check if it makes any impact on it to resolve the error. It is possible that the EAC bug occurs due to some temporary glitch that can easily be removed when you restart your game. 

Fix 2: Reboot Your Device

Suppose you have already restarted your game several times and still find that the issue is appearing further. Then, try rebooting your device as there are possibilities that your game may be prevented from reading the necessary files due to some stored cache files.

So, in order to fix this issue, you need to remove those corrupted cache files. But, how? Well, you can simply reboot your device to remove all the temporary bug-causing files. Then, once you have successfully rebooted your device, you can again run the game and check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

Fix 3: Run Lost Ark As Administrator

There are chances that the game may not get the proper resources that it needs to function properly. So, if that’s the case, then you must try running the game using the Run as Administrator because at least this will make sure that the game has permission to use and use the resource that it needs without any concern. So, to do this, here are something that you need to perform:

  1. Initially, hover over to the desktop and right-click on the game .exe icon.
  2. Then, from the drop-down context menu, select the properties option. 
  3. Thereafter, shift to the Compatibility tab and tick mark the box located beside the Run This Program As Administrator option. Then, hit the Apply as well as the Ok button. That’s it. Now, launch the game and check if the issue gets resolved or not.  Run Lost Ark as administrator

Fix 4: Disable The Background Apps

Background applications are possibly a reason behind this issue. However, there are many users who have reported that after disabling the background applications. So, you can also try this out and check if it helps you fix the issue. So, here is what you need to follow:

  1. Initially, you can right-click on the Start menu and select Task Manager from the opened list. 
  2. After that, navigate to the Processes tab and select all the applications you think consume many resources.
  3. Then, hit the End Task button to stop that application from running in your background. End Task 

Fix 5: Turn Off The Overlays

Suppose in case you are still bothered just because the game is not loading issue due to the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug, even after running the game using admin rights. Then, there are chances that some of the overlay applications prevent the game from working properly. So, disabling the overlay apps will be the right option for you in order to fix the game not loading issue due to the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug. 

Fix 6: Verify Game File Integrity

There are chances that some of your game files may get damaged, due to which you are getting the not loading issue due to the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug. So, in that case, verifying the game file integrity to check if some files are missing or corrupted. Therefore, you can simply open your game launcher and verify the files. So, once you do that, you can simply reboot your system and check if the issue gets fixed or not. 

Fix 7: Reinstall The EasyAntiCheat

There are chances that your EasyAntiCheat files may get damaged, due to which you are getting this error. So, reinstalling your EasyAntiCheat files will be the right choice. Therefore, let’s take a look at the guidelines: 

  1. Initially, launch Steam client and hover to the Library. Then, select Lost Ark.
  2. Thereafter, click on the Settings, which looks like a gear icon, and choose the Manage.
  3. Then, click on the Browse local files and tap on the EasyAntiCheat folder.EasyAntiCheat folder
  4. After that, double-click on the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file and click on the Repair option. Then, check if the issue gets fixed. 

However, in case you find that it won’t work for you, then make sure to start the reinstall process. Then, see again if the issue gets fixed or not. 

Fix 8: Disable Proxy/VPN Service

However, in case you are using any Proxy or VPN service while playing this game. Then, we suggest you make sure to disable it. Yes, many users find that the issue gets fixed automatically when they disable their VPN. So, you can try this out and check if it really helps you to fix the not loading due to the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug or not.

Fix 9: Reinstall The Game

Well, in case you have tried everything that we have mentioned earlier in this guide but are still stuck on the same error. Then, there is one thing that you can try out is reinstall the game on your device. But, before, that make sure to uninstall the game from your device. After that, reinstall it on your device. Then, check again if the issue et fixed or not. 

So, that’s all on how to fix Lost Ark not loading due to the EasyAntiCheat EAC bug. We hope this guide has helped you. Furthermore, in case you have any other questions, comment below. 

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