FIX: Netflix Screen Flickering Issue in Windows and macOS

Many users have reported Netflix screen flickering issues on the MacBook and Windows PC. There is no doubt that Netflix is well-equipped to play the video content in the browsers. The video is having playback issues, and the screen is flickering. We have to dig deeper into the problem. We will look at the hardware and software then apply the solutions accordingly.

What is causing Netflix Screen Flickering Issue?

Your Windows and Mac computer have advanced graphics processors, and it is capable enough to play 1080p videos. However, Microsoft and Apple have added features to limit a few functions in the hardware. Let’s look at several reasons why Netflix screen flickering in the machine.


You might be using the wrong browser or an unsupported browser. The market was occupied by Chrome and Firefox back in the days, but the times have changed. Microsoft has adapted the Chromium browser in the form of an Edge browser. Apple optimized the Safari app, and no one can deny that it is the best browser in the macOS environment. Nonetheless, your primary browser might be having issues playing the Netflix video content.


Every Windows user has experienced some form of virus or malware attack. Apple machine owners live in an assumption that macOS is impenetrable. Malware affects the overall system performance. It has impacted millions of computers in the world. We have to detect the lingering threat in the system and make an effort to remove it.

Power Limitations:

Battery life is a selling point for the manufacturers, and they have optimized it by putting a bigger battery and optimizing the software. We will exclude the battery capacity from the conversation and focus on software optimization. Apple and Microsoft have added an advanced algorithm that focuses on battery life, and they are called “battery savers” in Windows. We have shown you how to manage the power-saving mode in Windows and macOS.

GPU Conflicts:

Many desktops and laptops have a dedicated GPU and integrated GPU in them. The operating system switches the graphics processor from dedicated to integrated GPU. Of course, the software intends to save power consumption. We have to stop the GPU conflict and tell the software to utilize one graphics processor for the task.

Account Limitations:

You can add multiple users in Windows and macOS, and the administrator can control the account permissions. The logged account might have a limitation or a problem viewing the video content on the machine. I have suggested a solution to counter the account limitation below.

Operating System Bug:

Have you updated the machine to the latest software version? Windows 11 & macOS Monterey are not 100% stable, and they have bugs/glitches. Apple controls the hardware, so you should receive an update from the manufacturer sooner or later. You should update the software to go back to an earlier version.

Dedicated Graphics Card:

Your AMD graphics card might be having the issue, and I faced a similar situation for months. The official developer fixed the AMD graphics problem in the update, and I had to wait for the driver update for months. I have shown you a solution, and if it doesn’t resolve the issue, then you have to wait for AMD to fix it.

FIX: Netflix Screen Flickering Issue

I won’t jump to the advanced solutions right away and start with basic troubleshooting. I have arranged the solutions in order, so make sure to follow them in the way I have shown you.

Netflix Server Status

Netflix is paying $9.6 (2019 stats) per month to Amazon because it’s hosted on the AWS platform. No server in the world can promise 100% uptime. Amazon Web Services have a sophisticated infrastructure, but they don’t promise 100% uptime either. Let me show you how to find Netflix server uptime from your browser.

1. Open any mobile/desktop browser.

2. Go to the official Netflix server status page.

3. The webpage should have “Netflix is up! We are not currently experiencing an interruption to our streaming service” on the screen.

Netflix Server Status

You should wait for Netflix to fix the server problem if you find any in your case. We cannot fix the AWS server problems since it’s not in our control.

Switch Browser

Safari is the primary browser for macOS users, and Chrome is the primary browser for Windows users. Consider switching to another browser, and I recommend you Firefox.

Firefox on Windows

You should avoid choosing Edge, Brave, and another similar browser. They are all based on the Chromium project, so they are built on Chrome code. Try Firefox, which is an open-source project, and they stand for privacy. We are affiliated with or sponsored by Mozilla, so don’t worry about biased suggestions. I have been using Firefox for a long time, and that’s why I’m suggesting it here.

Download Firefox

Disable Browser Plug-ins

I have installed a few plugins or add-ons in the browser, and they might be playing a role in the Netflix screen flickering issue. Disable the plugins from the browser, and play the video in the built-in media player.

1. Open your primary browser, and I selected Edge browser for the process.

2. Click on the three-dot setting from the top right corner.

Disable Browser Plug-ins (2)

3. Choose “Extensions” from the drop-down menu.

Disable Browser Plug-ins (3)

4. Click on “Manage Extensions” from the drop-down menu.

Disable Browser Plug-ins (4)

5. Disable all extensions or add-ons from the browser.

Disable Browser Plug-ins (5)


6. Close the browser, and relaunch it.

Disable Browser Plug-ins (6)

Now, play the Netflix video in the browser, and the screen-flickering problem won’t persist anymore. One of the enabled plugins is interfering with the video. You should disable the video downloader from the browser, and it could be the culprit in this case.

Run Security Programs

Your operating system is infected with a threat, and we have to flush it out. It’s not something you can do on your own, so it’s time to out the task on the anti-virus system. You can try any security solution available for Windows or macOS operating system. I have Malwarebytes (free trial), and it gives you access to the premium features for 14-days.

1. Open the security program.

2. Click on the “Scan” button.

Malwarebytes Premium Trail (1)

3. Let the security program run a full system scan, and it takes a long time to finish.

Malwarebytes Premium Trail (2)

4. I ran a quick system scan, but you should let the program scan the entire drive.

Malwarebytes Premium Trail (3)

You can try any security solution from your choice of vendor. Update the Windows Defender definitions in Windows, then run a system scan.

Maximum Power Output

Your laptop or MacBook has a physical battery, and the software manages it. The software optimizes the power consumption to increase the battery life. You might be playing the Netflix video in high resolution, and the GPU/CPU processing increases. In short, the power consumption increases if the GPU/CPU processing power increases.

In Windows 11 or earlier version:

1. Open “Control Panel” from the search bar.

2. Choose “Hardware and Sound” from the options.

Maximum Power Output (2)

3. Choose “Power Options” from the list of devices.

Maximum Power Output (3)

4. Choose “High Performance” from the power plans.

Maximum Power Output (4)

5. Create a high-performance plan, if it’s not present in the menu.

Maximum Power Output (5)

Your laptop battery life decreases since you have allowed the hardware to utilize maximum power. But, the Netflix video won’t stop playing, or the screen won’t flicker any more. The software won’t switch between integrated GPU and dedicated GPU.

In macOS or earlier version:

macOS has a dedicated feature to optimize video playback power output. You can resolve the Netflix screen flickering issue by connecting the power plug.

Follow the tutorial below if you are playing the video on the battery.

1. Click on the Apple logo located at the top menu.

2. Choose “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose “Battery” from the System Preferences.

4. Select “Optimise video streaming while on battery” from the settings.

The macOS machine will play the Netflix videos smoothly. The screen flickering disappears instantly, and you can play HDR videos without any problems.

Outdated GPU Drivers

Netflix screen flickering indicates that your GPU drivers are outdated. You can update the AMD graphics driver from the official site, and I implore you to reinstall the driver manually. I recommend the readers update the AMD Radeon GPU drivers manually.

AMD GPU Drivers

I’m asking the macOS and Windows users to reinstall the drivers. You shouldn’t rely on the operating system vendor for everything and take matters into your hand. I found corrupted drivers, and the auto-update didn’t solve the problem in my case. Install the GPU drivers from scratch, and it will restore the driver’s health.

Roll Back GPU Drivers

You can roll back the graphics drivers in the Windows machine. It’s a good alternative for users, who don’t have a high-speed internet connection or on limited bandwidth. Let me show you how to roll back drivers in the Windows 11 or earlier versions.

1. Open “Device Manager” from the search bar.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (1)

2. Click to view the “Display adapters” from the devices.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (2)

3. Choose the display adapter and right-click view from the options.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (3)

4. Click on “Properties” from the list.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (4)

5. Click on “Driver” from the top menu.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (5)

6. Click on the “Roll Back Driver” button.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (6)

7. Choose a reason, and click on “Yes” to continue.

Roll Back GPU Drivers (7)

Your Windows PC rolls back the graphics driver in the machine.

Create New User Account

You can add multiple users in the Windows and macOS operating systems. Let’s add a new account to the machine, and play the Netflix videos on it.

Note: Never remove the old account without backing up the data.

In Windows 11:

1. Open “Settings” from the search bar.

2. Click on “Accounts” from the settings.

Create New User Account (2)

3. Click on “Family & other users” from the options.

Create New User Account (3)

4. Click on “Add account” under add other users.

Create New User Account (4)


5. A new pop-up shows up on the screen.

Create New User Account (5)

You can enter the Microsoft account.

Or, you can click on “I don’t have this person sign-in information” to continue.

6. Choose the third option “Add a user without a Microsoft account” option.

Create New User Account (6)

7. Enter the details and click on “Next” to move forward.

Create New User Account (7)

a. Enter the username

b. Enter the password

c. Re-enter the password

d. Fill up the security questions.

8. A new user is added to the system, but you have to change the privileges.

Create New User Account (8)

9. Click on the user name and choose the “Change account type” option.

Create New User Account (9)

10. Change the account type from “Standard” to “Administrator”.

Create New User Account (10)

You have successfully added a new user without a Microsoft account. You can remove the account anytime, so don’t worry about its status.

In macOS:

1. Click on the Apple icon.

2. Choose “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose “Users & groups” from the window.

4. Click on the + icon in the menu.

A new window appears on the screen.

5. Choose the type of user.

Select “Administrator” from the role type.

6. Enter full name.

7. Enter the password.

8. Click on the “Create User” button.

Select “Allow user to administer this computer” to give the account full access to the system. You can always come back to remove the new user account from the system.

Downgrade Operating System

I won’t ask you to update the operating system because you will do it nevertheless. However, I’m talking to the readers who are facing multiple problems lately. Apple releases a new macOS version each year, and you should wait a few months to try the latest edition.

Downgrade Operating System

The in-house developers take time to identify the problems in the software and fix them with a patch update.

The same theory applies to Windows 11, and Microsoft informed the AMD processor users to wait till the end of the year. Windows 11 is not smooth on Ryzen 5 3rd gen laptops, and I’m having the issue. I tried the earlier Windows 10, and it was a buttery smooth experience.

Now, you have a decision to make and let us know in the comment section below.

Bottom Line

There could be a faulty component in the computer, and it’s a possibility. Screen flickering is not a common issue, and you should seek assistance from the authorized service center. The GPU might be failing, or the display pixels might be dying. Book an appointment with the manufacturer service center, and claim the warranty. You can contact the Apple or hardware manufacturer customer support for further customized solutions.

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