Samsung Galaxy A30 Firmware Flash File (Stock ROM Guide)

If you’re a proud owner of the latest Samsung Galaxy A30 and are looking for installing Sock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A30, then you’re at the right place. Today in this post, we are listing out all the latest Samsung Galaxy A30 stock Firmware collections.

Samsung Galaxy A30 is one of the good-looking devices, with a large and vibrant screen. The displays on the Galaxy A30 and A50 look vibrant and rich with colors. One UI offers redesigned icons with new color palettes. The new Samsung Galaxy A30 has caught the eyeballs of many Android enthusiasts. However, if you got this device, and messed up with the software. Then the first step is to restore back to stock ROM. You may have also installed custom ROM or any third-party recovery, many of us feel the urge to go back to the Stock firmware.

Installing Stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy A30 will get rid of any software problem you might have in your device. So in case you want to revert back to Stock firmware after installing a custom ROM. Or your device is having some software issues. Installing Stock firmware on your device will solve these issues. So here is the Samsung Galaxy A30 stock firmware collection which you can download and flash on your device.

Samsung Galaxy A30 Stock Firmware Collections [Back to Stock ROM]

Samsung Galaxy A30 Stock Firmware Collections

Android is one of the most customizable software which is the sole reason why most people buy Android devices. Because of this customizability, many people often brick their devices in the end and need to install stock firmware. If you’re in such a situation then this guide will help you to install stock firmware in Samsung Galaxy A30. It is always good to keep the Samsung Galaxy A30 stock firmware with you in case something went wrong.

If you’re also facing problems in your device like screen freezing, unresponsive, camera fail, boot loops, slow performance, etc. You can simply factory reset your device. In case your device is stuck or in a brick state due to careless rooting or flashing methods, then installing Stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A30 will save your device. Check the other advantage of Stock Firmware given below.

The Advantage of Stock Firmware

  • Flash Stock To Unbrick your Samsung Galaxy A30
  • Flash Stock ROM to Fix the bootloop problem
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Samsung Galaxy A30
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs on your device
  • To fix the lag or stutter on Samsung Galaxy A30
  • By flashing Stock ROM, you can solve software problems.
  • Revert back to stock to gain your warranty.

List of Samsung Galaxy A30 Stock Firmware Collections:

Filename Build name OS version
January 2023 Security Patch A305FDDS6CWA3 11
July 2022 Security Patch A305FDDU6CVG2 11
March 2022 Security Patch A305GNDXU8CVD1 11
April 2022 Security Patch A305GUBS8CVD3 11
March 2022 Security Patch  A305FDDU6CVD2 11
April 2021 Security Patch A305FDDU6CUE1 11
May 2020 Security Patch (Asia and New Zealand) A305GNDXS4BTE1 10
May 2020 Security Patch (Asia) A305FDDS5BTE3 10
May 2020 Security Patch (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Georgia) A305FNXXS5BTE1 10
March 2020 Patch (South America) A305GUBS4ATD1 9.0
April 2020 Security Patch A305FDDS5BTC1 10
Android 10 ( Columbia, Panama) A305GUBU4BTC8 10
Android 10 (Korea) A305NKSU2BTC8 10
Android 10 (Singapore) A305FDDU4BTB5
Android 10 (Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea) A305GNDXU4BTB3
March 2020 Patch (South America) A305GUBU4ATB7 9.0
Android 10 (Brazil) A305GTVJU4BTB3
February 2020 patch (South America) A305GUBS4ATB5 / A305GUBS4ATB4 9.0
February 2020 patch (Spain and Thailand) A305GUBS4ATB3 9.0
Android 10 (Uzbekistan and Ukraine) A305FNXXU4BTB3
January 2020 Patch (Newzealand/Fiji) A305GNDXS4ATA2 9.0
Android 10 (Russia) A305FNPUU4BTB3
Android 10 (India) A305FDDU4BTB3
January 2020 Patch (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine) A305FNXXS4ASL1 9.0
January 2020 Patch (Russia) A305FNPUS4ASL1 9.0
Android 10 (Hong Kong) A3050ZHU2BSL8
Android 10 (China) A3050ZCU2BSL8
January 2020 Patch (Thailand) A305FDDS4ASL1 9.0
February 2019 Security Patch A305FDDU1ASBA 9.0
November 2019 (Asia) A305GNDXU3ASK1 9.0
November 2019 A305FDDU3ASK3 9.0
December 2019 (South America) A305GUBU3ASK2 9.0
November 2019 (South America) M305MUBS3BSK1 9.0
October 2019 (South America) A305GUBU2ASJ1 9.0
October 2019 Security patch A305GNDXU2ASJ4 9.0
August 2019 (Australia) A305YNDVU2ASI1 9.0
October 2019 A305FNXXU2ASJ2 9.0
October 2019 security patch A305FDDU2ASJ2 9.0
August 2019 security patch A305GNDXU2ASI1 9.0
October 2019 (Peru and Brazil) A305GTVJU2ASI3 9.0
July 2019 security patch A305FDDU2ASH1 / A305FDDU2ASI1 9.0
August 2019 security patch A305GTVJU2ASG2 9.0
July 2019 (South America) A305GUBU2ASG1 /  A305GUBU2ASG2 9.0
June 2019 Security patch (South America) A305GUBU2ASF2 9.0
May 2019 (South America) A305GUBU1ASD2 9.0
February 2019 A305FDDU1ASBB 9.0

How to install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy A30

Before we get to the steps to Install Stock Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy M10, let us look at the prerequisites. Should we?


GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any internal/external damages to the device that may happen while/after following this guide. Please proceed if you know what you’re doing!

Instructions to Install:

After downloading the firmware file, you need to use ODIN Tool to flash it on your device. If you are doing it for the first time, then don’t worry. Here is a detailed guide that you can follow to install the firmware on your device.

 Guide to Install firmware on any Samsung Device using Odin Tool Video Guide to flash Stock Firmware on your device

If you’re facing any kind of issue during the flashing/installing process, then let us know via the comment section. We will be happy to assist you. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!

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