How to Get $200,000 Cash Quickly in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 is full of missions and the players will need to complete them with the help of weapons and cash as the craze for the game is getting high day by day. The players are moving on to explore them more and more.

One of the main motives for exploring the game is the new DMZ mode. With the help of DMZ mode, the players were getting to complete different challenges through which they were getting a reward. Cash is one of the rewards that the players get after completing all those missions.

There are many players who are looking to upgrade their weapons, buy different things, etc. To do this, they have the requirement of Cash. Thus, we have a guide through which you will easily get $200,000 cash by completing different missions. Let’s get started with the guide.

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How to Get $200,000 Cash in Warzone 2 DMZ

There are a lot of players who are focusing on collecting cash by completing the missions. However, the main thing that they should do first discovers the missions through which they will be able to get a huge amount of money.

In the Warzone 2 DMZ, there are a lot of missions available through which you will get different rewards. The Whale Mission is one of them. However, most players are not attempting it because its difficulty is too high and not possible to complete without the help of their teammates.

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Once you have completed the Whale mission, then you will be easily able to get $200,000 Cash which will be a huge amount for any player. Along with it, you will be rewarded with the Contraband SP-X 80 and 10,000 Exp. It will be a great mission for those who are looking for great rewards. However, you will need to give more than 1 hour to complete this mission.

How to Complete The Whale Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

If you are looking to complete the Whale Mission, then it will be a good choice to work in a team. Even if you are having no teammates, then it will be good if you try to find them with the help of some platforms like Discord, etc. It is because the Whale Mission will require you to complete it with the help of a team. In case, if you are thinking to try attempting it without any teammates, then it will be difficult for you to complete.

Once you have found the members who will be doing the mission with you, then start finding the vehicles. With the help of vehicles, you will be able to reach the bomb locations and destroy them easily. Once you have done it, then start looking for the safes on the map.

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For each safe, you will get a certain amount of reward as cash. The cash will amount nearly to $20,000 and the maximum amount that you can get is around $150,000. When you are done with it, then start the nuclear radiation missions. You will get $10,000 as a reward and some nuclear rods which will cost around $20,000. By doing all this, you will be able to get $200,000 in the game.

Keep on completing the missions and challenges if you want to earn more and more rewards. Another important thing that you should do is to keep on looting the remote areas. By looting them, you will be able to get more cash and other weapons.


We have listed the way through which any player who is thinking of getting $200,000 cash in the game. With the help of the above-listed method, you will be able to get more and more rewards. The company also implemented the DMZ mode, so that, the players can keep on playing the game interestingly to get rewards. We hope this guide has helped you. If you are having any doubts, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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