How To Change The Discord DM Name

Discord is an online communication software that allows users to create and join communities. Discord communities can be of any topic, from gaming to arts. The app supports communicating users through text, image, video, or voice. Hence it is basically a chat app similar to skype or Team Speak. But it has many cool features to make it stand out. Discord is primarily divided into servers and can be subcategorized into groups. Each group can have its own list of members, channels, and topics. You can join servers or create your own server and invite friends to join it. Since it’s free to use and easy to understand, it is gaining popularity. So in this topic, we will discuss how to change the DM name in Discord.

DM stands for Direct Message. Discord allows the users to contact a specific friend directly. This person-to-person message can also be called a private message. You can send Direct Messages to a friend or group of friends. When DM’ing a single person, you cannot change the DM name, as the chat consists of two persons, and the name for DM is usually the Username of the person. Whereas in group messaging, one can change the DM name and icon in order to customize it. Such customization would help in differentiating between groups, especially when there are plenty of them. So, let’s see how to change the icon and DM name for group chats.

How To Change The Discord DM Name

How To Change The Discord DM Name

Change the DM icon in Discord

Step1. Click on Home, and click on the DM of which you are trying to change the icon.

Step 2. Right-click on it and select “Change icon”. This will open the explorer tab from where you have to navigate to your icon location and select it.

Step3. Now adjust the size and position and click on apply, and it will change the icon.

Change the DM Name in Discord

Similarly to change the DM name,

Step 1. click on home and click on the DM you wish to change.

Step 2. Now on Top left side of Chat space, you will find a box where you can type the new group DM name.

How To Change The Discord DM Name

Step 3. Click on it and change it to the desired name.

Changing Nicknames inside Group DMs

Another cool feature is that you can have nicknames for your friends within the Group DM chats. There are many methods of doing it. For instance, you can change the nickname from Chat Window or server list.

Although changing from the server list is an easy method, it is up to you.

To change, firstly click on the server and right-click on the friend from the list on the right side. Then click on Change nickname and give your desired name.

How To Change The Discord DM Name

Remember that you should have enough rights to change the nicknames of people inside the server. Usually, if you are the owner/creator of the server, you will have full rights. But If you were added later, be sure to check your permissions and ask the owner to extend your rights if you need them.


So, to conclude, these were the options to change the DM icon and name for Discord. Discord is a wonderful app. It is available on mobile and PC platforms. It’s good that it is free so that anyone can use them. Such features are great, and let’s hope that the app stays free as it is now so that every person can utilize this wonderful technology.

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