Fix: HiSense TV Remote Not Working

Hisense Group is a white goods and electronics manufacturer Chinese multinational company which is based in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. The company was founded back in 1969 just to make radios. But, now they expand their vision as well as products. Recently, Hisense launched their famous model U6G, which is also known as Hisense QLED TV.

However, as we know, Chinese brand really knows the marketing game very well; that’s why their products always become the top-selling products. So, the prime reason behind this is they are cheap. But, sometimes, after buying cheap things, we have to hammer our heads into the wall.

I’m not saying this without proof as there are many users who recently purchased the Hisense QLED TV who complain that the TV remote stops or not working at all. Well, no one knows the reason for this issue, but I think I’ve some workaround that will help you fix this. That’s the reason why I’m bringing up this guide. SO, just make sure to stick with us until the end.

Fix: HiSense TV Remote Not Working

How To Fix HiSense TV Remote Not Working

Although the HiSense is a China-based company but is one of the fastest-growing TV manufacturing companies in the northern United States. Therefore, HiSense officials need to be more careful and take care of this kind of sensitive problem as a user can easily get irritated when they try to watch the TV but suddenly find that the remote is not working.

Anyway, if you are a prime victim who is suffering from this issue, make sure to perform each method mentioned below until you find the perfect one for yours.

Fix 1: Reboot Your HiSense TV

The first trick you require to try out is rebooting your TV. Sometimes, random bugs causing temporary files may prevent your remote from working properly, and in that case, you may easily get bothered due to this type of error.

Also, there are many users from all around the globe who claims that after rebooting their HiSense TV, the remote again started working properly. So, why ain’t you try this out and check if it helps you. Therefore, we are also suggesting you reboot your HiSense TV using the power button located most probably at the back panel of the TV.

Fix 2: Make Sure The Path Is Clear

Now, while using the remote to control the TV, you have to make sure the path is totally clean, and there is no solid object placed between the TV and remote. Also, make sure to do not try to use it for more than 10m distance between both of them.

Well, most of the time, what happens is we ignore, but some solid objects that are placed between the remote and TV may interfere and block the beam when attempting to control the TV. So, make sure that the path of connection must be cleared. 

Fix 3: Reset The TV Remote Controls

If both the methods, as we mentioned earlier, helped you, then you can try resetting the TV remote as it helped many users previously to fix this kind of issue. Therefore, why not try this out. However, there is no hardcore rule on how to reset the TV remote, but it is considered that reinstalling the batteries on the remote will help you to reset the remote.

So, as suggested, remove the back case of your HiSense TV remote and remove the batteries (be careful so that the connecting springs do not get damaged). After that, wait for at least 20 seconds and again put the batteries and check if it is now started working or not.

Most Probably, the issue will now get fixed. But, if you are still getting the same problem, then make sure to follow other fixes that we have explained here in this guide. 

Fix 4: Check The Batteries

There are chances that your remote batteries weaken and need to be changed; that’s why you are getting this issue while using it. Therefore, we suggest removing the batteries and putting new batteries into your remote. Then, check again if the HiSense TV remote is not working issue gets resolved or not. However, if the reason behind this problem was the batteries, the issue would probably automatically get resolved. 

Fix 5: Reset The TV

If batteries are not the issue, then there are possibilities that the issue may be occurring from your TV’s end. Therefore, if the glitch occurs just because some files are missing from your TV, this will get fixed automatically by resetting your HiSense TV.

So, you can also try this out and let us know if it helps you fix if your TV remote is also not working. Well, there is no such rule that you need to use while resetting the TV because the steps get changed from model to model. Therefore, you can check your model and search it for on Google to reset it. 

Fix 6: Make Sure That Your Remote Doesn’t Have Any Damage.

Did you check if your remote gets damaged or cracked? Well, most of the time, it generally happens we accidentally drop the remote due to which the remote hardware gets damaged, which further causes this kind of issue.

So, if in your case the remote is damaged, then except changing or replacing it, you have no other choice. Also, until then, you can use your smartphone as a remove (only if it has an infra sensor like Mi) t control your TV.

Fix 7: Check For TV Software Update

Tell, me when was the last time you have upgraded your HiSense TV software? Well, that might be the reason behind this error. It is very important to keep the system software up-to-date to ensure all the components are working correctly.

But, we generally ignore this thing which further resulting this type of problem. So, we highly suggest you check and, if available, then immediately update your system software. Then, you will see the HiSense TV remote not working issue gets vanished like magic. 

So, that’s it on how to fix if the HiSense TV remote is not working or stop working issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, in case you need more information, comment below.

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