Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Stock Firmware Collections [Back to Stock ROM]

Updated on May 11, 2018: Added the April 2018 Security Patch to the list of Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Stock Firmware from below collections.

Here we will list all the Stock Firmware Collection for Huawei P10 and P10 Plus smartphone. You can flash the Stock Firmware on Huawei P10 and P10 Plus using the below guide on How to Install Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Stock firmware. In this list, we will update all the region Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Stock Firmware Collection for models such as VTR-L29, VTR-L09, VTR-AL00, and VKY-AL00. Stock ROM on Huawei P10 and P10 Plus came out of the box with Android Marshmallow with EMUI 5.1 Skin. Huawei P10 was first showcased on MWC Barcelona in February 2017.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Stock Firmware Collections

About Huawei P10 and P10 Plus:

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus was launched in February 2017 at an event Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. It which comes with 5.1-inches display with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The smartphone is powered by octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 960 coupled with 4 GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB or 64GB internal memory which can also be expanded up to 256GB via microSD card. The camera on the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus comes with 13MP rear Camera and 8MP front shooting camera.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus runs on Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box with a non-removable battery of 3200mAh power. The handset supports dual sim with 4G on both slots. It comes with connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wifi, USB OTG, FM, 3G, and 4G.


List of Huawei P10 Plus Stock Firmware collection

Check: Huawei P10 Plus Official Android 8.0 Oreo Update

Variant Name (Model) Firmware Version OS Region
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C635B370 8.0 Japan
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C109B312 8.0 Orange
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B370 8.0 Europe
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C432B370 8.0 Europe
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C02B378 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C636B362 8.0 Asia
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C02B375 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VKY-TL00 VKY-TL00C01B353  8.0 China
VKY-AL00 VKY-AL00C01B353 8.0 China
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C55B366 8.0 Italy
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C02B374 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B365 8.0 Europe
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C432B365 8.0 Europe
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C654B307 8.0 Rogers, Canada
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C635B361 8.0 Japan
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C185B360 8.0 Middle East
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C185B360 8.0 Middle East
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C212B372 8.0 Mexico
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C113B210 7.0 Wind Italy
 VKY-L09  VKY-L09C636B360 8.0 Asia
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C635B360 8.0 Japan
8.0 Europe
 VKY-L09 VKY-L09C212B371 8.0 Mexico
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B171 7.0 Europe
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C440B171 7.0 United Kindom, UK
VKY-AL00 VKY-AL00C00B310 8.0 China
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C109B161 7.0 Orange
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C113B153 7.0 Italy Wind
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C02B153 7.0 Vodafone
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B177 7.0 Europe
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B162 7.0 Europe
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C432B162 7.0 Europe
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C185B163 7.0 Middle-East
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C185B163 7.0 Middle-East
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C635B162 7.0 Japan –
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C636B162 7.0 Asia –
VKY-AL00 VKY-AL00C02B163 7.0 China –
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C02B150 7.0 Europe – Vodafone-
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C440B160 7.0 UK –
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B160 7.0 Europe 
VKY-L09 VKY-L29C636B151 7.0 Asia
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C113B150 7.0 Italy Wind
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C576B150 7.0 Israel
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B133 7.0 Europe –
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C10B133 7.0 Russia –
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C185B133 7.0 Middle East –
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C636B133 7.0 Asia
VKY-AL00 VKY-AL00C00B140 7.0
VKY-L029 VKY-L029C432B130 7.0 Europe
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C432B130 7.0 Europe
VKY-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B136 7.0
VKY-L09 VKY-L09C706B110 7.0
VKY-L29 VKY-L29C636B124 7.0 Asia Pacific

List of Huawei P10 Stock Firmware collection

Check: Huawei P10 Official Android 8.0 Oreo Update

Variant Name (Model) Firmware Version OS Region
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B383 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C55B373 8.0 Italy
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B373 8.0 Middle East
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C185B373 8.0 Middle East
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C55B374 8.0 Italy
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C113B364 8.0 Wind, Italy
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C521B305 8.0 Telefonica, Latin America
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B381 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B380 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C212B376 8.0 iUSAcell Mexico
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C109B316 8.0 Orange
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C109B316 8.0 Orange
VTR-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B357 8.0 China
VTR-TL00 VTR-TL00C00B357 8.0 China
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C521B303 8.0 Telefonica, Latin America
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C00B325 8.0 Mexico
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B370 8.0 Europe
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C432B370 8.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B378 8.0 Vodafone, Europe
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C635B364 8.0 Japan
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C33B368 8.0 Altice
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C605B361 8.0 Japan
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C605B361  8.0 Japan
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C69B322 8.0 Mexico
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C635B362 8.0 Japan- New
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C119B320 8.0 Videotron, Canada
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C432B365 8.0 Europe- New
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B365 8.0 Europe- New
VTR-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B342 8.0 China- New
VTR-TL00 VTR-TL00C00B342 8.0 China- New
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C34B360 8.0 Japan
VTR-L09C432B360 /
8.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C45B301 8.0 Latin America – New
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C635B272 7.0 Japan
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C109B173 7.0 ICE, Costa Rica- New
VTR-AL0 VTR-AL0C00B336 8.0 China- New
VTR-TL00 VTR-TL00C00B336 8.0 China- New
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C10B321 8.0 Russia- New
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C185B321 8.0 Middle East- New
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B321 8.0 Middle East- New
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C635B321 8.0 Japan- New
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C636B321 8.0 Asia- New
VTR-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B3360 8.0 China
VTR-TL00 VTR-TL00C00B336 8.0 China
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C106B173 7.0  ICE, Costa Rica
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C432B185 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B184 7.0 Europe
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C900B311 8.0
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C440B181 7.0 United Kingdom
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B159 7.0 Vodafone Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C185B172 7.0 Middle-East
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B201 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B179 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C530B161 7.0 Bytel France-
VTR-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B302 8.0 China-
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B175 7.0 Europe –
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B165 7.0 Middle-East –
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B163 7.0 Middle-East
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C185B163 7.0 Middle-East
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C635B162 7.0 Japan –
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C605B162 7.0 Latin America –
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C432B164 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C440B161 7.0 United Kingdom –
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C703B150 7.0 Telekom, Slovenia –
TR-L09 VTR-L09C1090B160 7.0 Orange Network-
TR-L29 VTR-L29C440B163 7.0 Middle-East-
TR-L09 VTR-L09C02B151 7.0 Vodafone Europe
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C636B162 7.0 Asia
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C440B160 7.0 United Kingdom
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C346B150 7.0 Hutchison 3G – Ireland –
TR-L29 VTR-L29C432B160 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C178B151 7.0 Entel – Latin America –
TR-L09 VTR-L09C346B150 7.0 Vodafone – Australia –
TR-L09 VTR-L09C706B150 7.0 Nealand
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B151 7.0 Middle East
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C10B151 7.0 Russia
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C605B151 7.0 Latin America
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C605B151 7.0 Latin America
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C635B151 7.0 Japan
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C440B132 7.0 UK
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B152 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B153 7.0 Europe
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C636B151 7.0 Asia
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C432B151 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B151 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C55B120 7.0 Orange Carrier
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C432B150 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B114 7.0 Germany
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C346B130 7.0 United Kingdom
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C636B133 7.0 Asia
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B133 7.0 Middle East
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C185B133 7.0 Middle East
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C432B130 7.0 Europe
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C10B131 7.0 Russia
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C576B123 7.0 Israel
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C185B123 7.0 Middle East
VTR-L29 VTR-L29C02B123 7.0 Europe
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C69B110 7.0 Mexico
VTR-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B136 7.0 India
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C55B123 7.0 Italy, TIM
VTR-L09 VTR-L09C02B110 7.0 Vodafone Europe

Full Guide To Install Stock Firmware On Huawei P10 Plus

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  1. Hi,
    i’m downloading an upgrade with FirmwareFinder, for my VTR-L09C109
    Does the way you discribe upside for updating have been tested? Does it work, and is it safe?
    I want to be sure before doing it, i don’t

    1. Yes it is safe and 100% working, but before installing any OS, make sure you download the right firmware.

  2. Hi admin
    I had p10 dual sim model bought from china but i live in europe
    All apps are chinese and all huawei apps from news to music are chinese
    Model version is vtr- AL00
    Can i do it full english?
    For example Can i install vtr L29 euro firnware?
    Thank you

  3. Hi Razaaq,
    Great job on this website. I will definitely be coming here more often for Android tips. I have a VTR TL00 the Chinese version with firmware VTR-TL00C01B109SP01. This is the Chinese version and inspite of using English as the OS language there are a lot of system notifications that still appear in Chinese. Also, Google Play Services and all associated Google apps are missing. I looked at the spec details on the Huawei website and the VTR-TL00 and VTR-AL00 look nearly identical. Is it possible to flash VTR-AL00 VTR-AL00C00B136 on to this VTR-TL00 device? And if yes, is it likely to affect access to any of the 4G networks of China Mobile or China Unicom? If you could revert by email I shall be much obliged.

    1. VTR-AL00 C00 Stands for chinese region. You can flash the chinese version. If you want to convert Chinese smartphone to English then you have to wait for my new tutorial on How to convert.

      1. Hi again i wait for same issue for a month
        I will be gratefull we you relaise english software for AL00

  4. Hi, I bought a P10 plus, VTR-L09, which uses a single sim but it still has slots for dual sim, is there a way to make the device a dual sim and activate the other slot? By the way I’m from South Africa. Thanks.

  5. Hi mister, thanks for this page!!!. I have a question regarding my phone. I have P10 VTR-L09C521B101 but I have bricked it because I put C432 ROM, (extracted files an loaded with fastboot), the thing is that now my phone is bricked keeps in huawei logo looping, I have RELOCKED it because Wanted to send it to huawei, but they said cant repair because that is not covered by warranty. And now ADB shows me that it is UNLOCKED, but the phone showa PHONE RELOCKED and FRP LOCK. I just want to know how can i proceed to fix this. please!!!!

  6. Hola soy de Perú, buscando el internet instale el TWRP a mi Huawei P10, el Rom Stock sirve para quitar el TWRP y poner el telefono como de fabrica para poder instalar alguno de los firmware.

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