Project Zomboid Console Commands and Cheats

Project Zomboid is the latest release in the fun indie game franchise. In the game, players will be fighting against the deadly zombies to survive in a zombie apocalypse. The game is more of a simulation, where you need to constantly feed your character, fulfill his thirst, protect him from any kind of disease, create shelter, and look for different weapons and ammo to fight with deadly zombies standing at the door. In the end, the only task you have to perform in the game is to delay the face-to-face encounter for as long as possible. There are various console commands and cheats you can use in the game to the experience more fun.

If you are also looking for different console commands and cheats, then look no further. Here, in this post, we are going to talk about Project Zomboid console commands and cheats. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Use Cheats and Commands in Project Zomboid?

It’s very simple and straightforward to use cheats and commands in Project Zomboid. First, you will have to turn on the Debug Menu. So, here are the steps you need to follow for enabling the debug menu in Project Zomboid.

  1. Open Steam, and head towards the Library.
  2. Right-click on Project Zomboid and choose the “Properties” option.
  3. In the Properties option, select “General”.
  4. Under the “Launch options” you will find a textbox. Type “-debug” in the box and press enter.

That’s it. You have finally enabled the debug menu in Project Zomboid. Now every time you open the game, select the insect icon present at the left panel of the screen to activate the debug menu. It will contain different sheets you can implement. Choose anyone and enjoy the game.

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Project Zomboid Console Commands and Cheats

Here are different console commands and cheats you can implement in Project Zomboid.

Note: for activating the command you will have to enter them in the chat. In the chat, type “T” followed by  /command and press enter.

  1. adduser: You can use this command to bring a new user to a whitelisted server. Eg: /adduser “username” “pwd”
  2. quit: quit command is used to quit the current server in which you are surviving against the zombies.
  3. chopper: chopper command is used to turn on the engine of the chopper.
  4. gunshot: gunshot command is to start firing on zombies.
  5. startrain / stoprain: Want to kill zombies in the rainy season? Use startrain command to activate rain in the current server. Similarly, you can use “stoprain” to stop rain in the current server.
  6. grantadmin / removeadmin: you can use grantadmin command to grant a person access to all the administrator rights. Similarly, you can use removeadmin command to take administrator right from the user. Eg:  /grantadmin “username”.
  7. reloadoption: you can use this command to reload all the options present in the server.
  8. banuser / unbanuser: this command is use to ban a user in case he does something bad in the server. Similarly, unbanuser command is used to unban a user from the server. Eg: /banuser “username” -ip -r=”reason”, ex /banuser “rj” -ip -r=”spawn kill”.
  9. kickuser: you can use this command to kick a user from the server. Eg: /kickuser “username” -r =”reason”.
  10. showoptions: it will show a list of all this servers to which you can join, along with its value.
  11. changeoption: this command will help you to change the server option. Eg: /changeoption optionName = “newValue”. Eg: /changeoption optionName=”newValue”
  12. godmod: you can use this command to make yourself invincible, i.e., no one will be able to harm you. Eg: /godmod “username” -value, ex /godmod “rj” -true
  13. invisible: you can use this command to make yourself invisible. No zombie will be able to see you. Eg: /invisible “username” -value, ex/invisible “rh” -true
  14. additem: you can use this command to provide particular items to a player. Eg: /additem “username” “module.item”, ex: /additem “rj” “Base.Axe”
  15. createhorde: you can use this command to locate the horde present your location. Eg: /createhorde count, ex /createhorde 200
  16. changepwd: you can use this command in Project Zomboid to change your current password. Eg:  /changepwd “previouspwd” “newpwd”
  17. dragons: We won’t tell you about it. Explore and find out what it holds for you.

Final Words

These are the Project Zomboid console commands and cheats. Let us know your favorite ones in the comments. You can also check out other Project Zomboid guides to fix different errors related to the game.

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