How To Turn Off Animations In Windows 11

Microsoft recently launched the stable version of Windows 11 for all users as per their compatible device. However, Microsoft has worked severely to improve the new look and redesign the Windows UI, upgraded the core of Microsoft apps and services, and Auto HDR that boosts performance and animation effects. These animations can add a new feel to your interaction with the apps you use daily, but in some cases, they can also slow down your PC. Many users have complained about how these animations are slowing down their PC and causing performance issues. Here we are going to discuss the animation effects that enhance the interface’s look and might be slow down your PC performance. Here is the method to turn off animations in Windows 11.

Animations in Windows 11 added premium and stylish that loos like eye candy, but as a result, it also makes delay while performing some specific action. However, it provides the same animations as our smartphone, like animations used to minimize the particular application. So if you are facing the above issue in your system or using old computers with low powered RAM or Processor, turning off animations is one of the best solutions to get rid of the issue.

How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11

How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11

Many of us used Windows 11 for a few days, and apart from a few bugs, it is quite convenient to use with all updated features. Windows 11 has catchy animations. Whenever we work on it looks cooler than ever with its visual effects; however, some of us may not like the feature or want to use less animation to consume power and hardware resources. Here we know three different methods to turn off animations on Windows 11 with steps. The methods are easy to apply and without any major modification on the system’s settings.

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Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11 From Settings

  • Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + i key in your system ( you can also search Settings from the Start Menu).

  • Now select Accessibility from the menu in the left panel and then go to Visual Effect.
    How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11
  • After that, turn off the Animation effects from the toggle switch.
    How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11

By turning off the Animation in windows 11, you will enjoy a clean and smooth experience. Also, you can turn on the Animation again by following the above steps anytime.

Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11 From Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel from the Start Menu in your system and select Ease of Access Centre from the list.

  • Now click on the Use the computer without the display.
    How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11
  • Next, please scroll down and click on the Make it easier to focus on the task and uncheck the option of Turning off unnecessary animation(when possible).

  • After that, click on Apply and then OK to finish the task.

Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11 From Performace Option

  • Open the Run by pressing Windows +r key or search Run in the Start Menu
    How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11
  • Now enter the paste or type the below text and press enter to submit.


  • It will open the Performance Options window. Go to the Visual Effects tab and click on the Custom option.
  • Now uncheck the below function to turn off the animation –
    • Animate controls and elements inside windows.
    • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing.
    • Animations in the taskbar.
      How to Turn Off Ani­ma­tions in Win­dows 11
  • After that, click on Apply and then OK to finish the task.


That’s all for turning off animation on Windows 11. You can go with any of the methods according to your taste. However, you can enable it again by following the above methods. We hope now you will be able to enable or disable the animations. Furthermore, If you have any questions regarding the steps or methods, let us know in the comment section. For more fixes regarding Windows, follow our web page regularly.

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