How to Align Taskbar to the Left on Windows 11

After installing the latest version of Windows 11 on your PC, you might miss the old left orientation of the taskbar. Using Windows since 2005, I’m more habitual to see my taskbar and all my important shortcuts on the left side of the screen. But with Windows 11, the alignment is in the center by default. So here is how you can re-align Windows 11 taskbar to be on the left side of the screen.

After a long wait, Microsoft has finally launched its new Windows 11. Microsoft has given a vibrant fresh look to the OS with all new themes and new style graphics. Also, Start Menu completely changes, and Cortana in the welcome screen is also removed in Windows 11. Moreover, Microsoft focuses on the user interface and performance improvement with all new Windows stores supporting Android apps. Windows 11 has an entirely new design language, which the customers were demanding.

Windows 11 is designed to give direct competition to macOS and Chrome OS. Furthermore, Microsoft Windows 11 would be available on new computers and other devices by the end of this year, and it’s a free upgrade for the user of Windows 7 to Windows 10. In Windows 11, you will get to see a slight change in the Taskbar’s position because its position has been shifted to the center. But the user can move it to the left side and center at his convenience. Here are the steps for how to align the Taskbar to the left on Windows 11.

How to align taskbar to the left on Windows 11

How to align Taskbar to the left on Windows 11

By default, the Start button and Taskbar are at the bottom of the display in Windows 11. Now you can change the alignment of the Taskbar to adjust the Start menu and other icons on the left side through the settings. The updated version of Taskbar is used in Windows 11 that aligns all the essential tabs on the center of the screen helps to perform tasks on a large screen. However, you can move this to the left side as per your comfort. Moreover, Windows 11 provide a dedicated setting to change the default settings and change the alignment of the Taskbar to the center or left side of the screen.

Steps to Align Taskbar in Windows 11

  • Click on the Start Menu and search the Settings tab or press Windows + I on your keyboard.

  • After that, Navigate and click on the Personalization in the Settings window and then select the Taskbar.
    How to align taskbar to the left on Windows 11
  • Next, Click on Taskbar Behaviour.

  • Now click the dropdown menu in front of the Taskbar alignment.
    How to align taskbar to the left on Windows 11
  • Next, select the Left from the dropdown menu.

  • The icons of Taskbar are shifted to the left side immediately.
  • Close the Settings Window and check the changes made on the Taskbar.

Through the above process, you can change the taskbar alignment to the centre again. Now only the limited taskbar settings are available for Windows 11, but we may have some more taskbar setting features in future updates.


Windows 11 yet to be launched officially for the public. But you can install the initial builds by enrolling yourself on the Windows insider program and use the all-new available feature of Windows 11. Although here is the process to align the Taskbar on the left side. We hope that it helps to change the Taskbar smoothly. If you have any queries regarding the taskbar alignment, do let us know in the comment section.

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