How to Earn Emblems to Rank Up in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has quite the fanbase with its unique killer and survivor gameplay. As you play and win more and more trials, your rank keeps on getting higher. On higher ranks, you face off against other top-ranked players where the game becomes an absolute mind game between the teams.

Well, ranking up in Dead by Daylight is dependent on the Emblems. You need to earn Emblems to rank up. There are four emblems in total for the survivors and there are four emblems in full for the killers. Each of these emblems has five different ranks associated with them. But what are these emblems? How do they work in the game? Let’s find it all out in this article.

How to Earn Emblems to Rank Up in Dead by Daylight

What are emblems, and how do they help in ranking up?

As mentioned above, each emblem has different ranks and higher the rank on your emblem; higher will be your points gain. The more points you gain, the more pip you will earn. The more pip you earn, the more will see your rank rise up.

On the contrary, if you lose a pip due to low points, then you might even get down in the ranks. It is not necessary to get points always essential to earn a pip. You can also reach a safety pip with specific points, which will mean that you will neither earn a pip but nor lose one. You will just stay at the rank that you are without any gain or loss.

The five emblem ranks are:

None: 0 Points
Bronze: 1 Point
Silver: 2 Points
Gold: 3 Points
Iridescent: 4 Points

If you are at ranks 4-1, you will require 0-8 points to lose a pip, 9-12 points to reach a safety pip, 13-15 points to get one pip, and 16 points to get two pips. If you are at ranks 8-5, you will require 0-7 points to lose a pip, 8-11 points to reach a safety pip, 12-14 points to get one pip, and 15-16 points to get two pips. Again if you are at ranks 12-9, you will require 0-6 points to lose a pip, 7-10 points to reach a safety pip, 11-14 points to get one pip, and 15-16 points to get two pips. And if you are at ranks 16-13, you will require 0-5 points to lose a pip, 6-9 points to reach a safety pip, 10-13 points to get one pip, and 14-16 points to get two pips. Finally, if you are at ranks 20-17, you will require 0-8 points to reach a safety pip, 9-13 points to earn one pip, and 14-16 points to lose two pips.

Survivor and Killer Emblems and how to get them?

Killer emblems:

For killers, there are four emblems to earn in the trials. This includes,

  • Gatekeeper
  • Devout
  • Malicious
  • Chaser


Killers earn points for the Gatekeeper emblem each second when there are incomplete generators throughout the map. If the killers kill the survivor or the survivors escape early, the trial will come to an end with deficient generators in the map, which will further increase the killer’s chances of earning the Gatekeeper emblem.


To earn points for the Devout emblem, the killer needs to sacrifice the survivors in the trial. Making kills with Reverse Bear Trap when playing as the Pig will also add points for the devout emblem. If a killer kills survivors just at the point of time when the end-game collapse time runs out, then that would also add for the emblem. Furthermore, using a Memento Mori offering on a survivor also helps.


As a killer, you can earn points for the malicious emblem by putting your survivors on the hook, or by injuring them during the trial. Furthermore, interrupting the survivors during an action, or merely hurting and putting them in a dying state will also increase your points for the Malicious emblem.


As the name of the emblem suggests, if you manage to win chases with the survivors, then you will gain points for this emblem. The shorter the pursuit, the more are the points. Other than this, only looking for and finding the survivors during the trial will also add up points for this emblem.

Survivor emblems:

For survivors too, there are four emblems. These are:

  • Lightbringer
  • Unbroken
  • Benevolent
  • Evader


During a trial, you can repair the generators, open the exit gate, cleanse dull totems or cleanse hex tokens to earn points for the Lightbringer emblem. Additionally, you can even make yourself the sacrifice and be chased by a killer to let other survivors work on generators to earn points for this particular emblem.


This emblem can be earned by staying alive in the trial. The longer you stay alive in the trial, the better are your chances. If you manage to finish the trial without even going to the dying state then you immediately earn the unbroken iridescent emblem. If you do die, then things will be different, and you might have to d with a silver or gold emblem.


A survivor can earn points for this emblem by unhooking fellow survivors safely. But you need to make sure that the unhooked survivor does not end up drowning soon after that. Apart from that, taking a hit from the killer while he is carrying another survivor, or healing other survivors will help you earn this emblem. If you manage to destroy a hook just at the moment when the killer is trying to place a survivor on it will also help your cause. If you manage to make a killer drop a survivor, that will also add up to your points for the benevolent emblem.


Lastly, we have the Evader emblem. To earn points for this emblem, survivors need to hide from the killer and not be spotted while remaining at a close approximate. Making the killer chase you for longer times and not being hit during the entire chase will also earn you points for this emblem. You can even use to pallet to stun the killer, and even that will add points for the Evader.

The higher the rank you are, the better the player you will be on paper. To make the matches fair outside of custom matches, the servers will place similarly ranked survivors with similarly ranked killers to ensure a fair and exciting trial. Losing rank as survivor won’t affect your rank as a killer and vice versa.

So now you all about how to earn the emblems for raising in rank in Dead by Daylight. If you have any queries with this article, then comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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