Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations

If you are into Elden Rings, you must be fond of this open-world game and all the independence it provides to the players to explore the world. You can pretty much get out of the main zone and play it the way you want. However, following the Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations is always better as you will get to go deeper into the game while walking through the original storyline.

Well, as we talk of questlines, the Dung Eater Questline is one players are pretty much concerned about. The Elden Ring Dung Eater questline basically asks you to find the locations of the five Seedbed Curses. These Seedbed Curses are located in lands that were specifically used to provoke the Blessing of Despair ending for the Loathsome Dung Eater.

As a quest, it provides two different attempts to the players to end it early. And each attempt certainly brings a different set of rewards making it more interesting and challenging for the players. Although Dung Eater might sound quite strange, you would be stunned by this frightening character.

Cursed with a terrifying ghoul, Dung Eater accepts it as a blessing and wishes to share it with the entire world by releasing the curse into Elden Ring. However, as he cannot simply find all the Seedbed locations on his own, Dung Eater seeks out your help. And if you are really interested in completing this quest, here is everything you need to about the Elden Ring Dung Eater questline and all the Seedbed locations as well.

Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations

Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations

There are a total of 6 Seedbed Curse locations in the Dung Eater questline. Even though you might find one to be locked down yet 5 Seedbed locations is enough for you to complete the entire questline.

Dung Eater Questline: Seedbed Locations

  • Firstly, visit Leyndell East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. On reaching there, take the very first Elevator and go down. Again, take the ladder on the right and go all the way up and you will find a corpse there on a chair holding a Seedbed Curse.
  • Now, as you got to the west side of Leyndell, you can see a recreation of the Roundtable. Simply hold on to the same layout and you will find another corpse holding a Seedbed Curse in the room where Dung Eater should normally be.
  • Next, in the Volcano Manor Dungeon, look out for the portal at the end to Rykard’s Arena. But do not head through it initially. Instead, turn back and take the stairs up and go through the door that requires an Elden Ring Stonesword key. Once you enter the room, you would need to jump through the hanging cages in the wide-open room to reach the bottom. There you can find the next corpse with another Seedbed Curse. However, this time you would have to tackle some enemies while looking for the Seedbed Curse.
  • For the next Seedbed Curse, you need to go to the prayer room site of Gracein the Hilagtree. From here, go down all the way until you find a room with two Cleanrot Knights. Once you reach that room, avoid entering the room and take any fight. Rather simply jump over the railing and you will find a room behind you with a corpse, again on a chair. You will find the next Seedbed Curse with this corpse.
  • After looting the fourth Seedbed Curse, head back to the prayer room again. At this point, walk through the main path and you will see two crossbowmen looking down. Here, you will have to jump right across the platform and follow all the way along with the support columns. Reach the Northwest to the balcony. Now, get inside and you will find the fifth Seedbed Curse along with the next corpse.
  • Remember this is the last Seedbed you will receive throughout the Dung Eater questline. So, if you had been following the Blackguard Big Boggart’s questline all this way till the end, you will receive the final Seedbed curse directly from him in the Outer Moat.

In case, while following the questline if you reach step 5 and Big Boggart dies, then you will no longer receive the sixth Seedbed Curse.

1. Meeting Dung Eater at the Roundtable Hold after Atlus Pleatue

When players make it to the Atlus Pleatue for the very first time, the Northern region around the Erdtree. This place can be accessed by learning about how to use the Grand Lift of Dectus in Elden Ring. As soon as you reach there you will find that the Dung Eater will appear in the Roundtable Hold.

This time he will make his appearance in a new room that is located somewhere next to Sir Gideon’s room. At first, you may find him much like an invader spirit, but since Roundtable Hold doesn’t allow combat, you will have to talk to him all the way and allow him to finish his dialogues.

2. Bring the Dung Eater a Seedbed Curse

The Dung Eater also keeps looking for a Seedbed Curse. And in the long run, you have to collect one and give it to him. Now, you can consider collecting all the Seedbed Curse from the map and then bring him one at last. However, we prefer you to hand him over the first Seedbed Curse since it’s going to make the journey much easier.

So, once you give it to him, Dung Eater will then explain that his current form isn’t his actual body. In fact, his original body is being imprisoned in one of the cells in Leyndell and he will ask you to break him out by giving you a Sewer Gaol Key.

3. Free the Dung Eater in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds

Finally, use the Gaol key to help Dung Eater escape from his cell. Once you release him, he will directly head out for Boggart to kill him. But what’s the difficult part here is to find the Shunning Grounds itself. Therefore, simply head out to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace at Leyndell on the map, then take the stairs down and jump across the railings to the right into a broken town area. Finally, take the ladder in the well and go all the way down and you will reach the Shunning Grounds.

After reaching this way, your next move should be to find the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. First of all, head out of that very room, take a left. When past the ogres, you can see a hole that will lead you straight to the sewers. Again take a left and keep advancing, you will pass some giant plants on the go.

After you finally take the ladder up, you will need to fight two giant hands that constantly keep attacking you. After defeating the hands, use the Sewer Gaol key and you can find the Dung Eaters cell just across the path. Go straight up to him, and ask him to leave while throwing the dialogue parts and move on with the questline.

Reminder: Before you help Dung Eater make out of his cell, make sure to complete Boggart’s quest by this time.

4. Kill the Dung Eater to end the quest early (Alternate Way)

If you remember, we talked about how this questline offers you two different ways to end this early? This is just one of them. Well, as you go all the way to release him from his cell, if you look forward to a less cursed future, you will have your chance to kill him by that very moment. It would be a one-on-one fight between just you two.

No doubt, Dung Eater as an NPC is not going to be that easy to take down. But if you manage to take him down, you can then loot his armor, the Omen Set, Sword of Milos, and a bone Greatsword.

5. Fight Dung Eater in the Outer Moat

Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations

As you head back to the Roundtable Hold again, you will find a message in the library of Dung Eater himself. The message says, “I will defile you next. Come to the outer moat.” So, it is basically an open challenge to you. Simply honor the message and go to the water North of Leyndell, next to Blackguard Big Boggart.

On your way, you will eventually find the Dung Eater. Do not worry, Dung Eater will not physically exist there, perhaps it is his red spirit this time. All you need to do is kill him in the outer moat. This will not end the questline since it is not Dung Eater himself, so carry on with your mission without any hesitation.

6. Take back Dung Eater to Roundtable Hold

After killing the red Spirit of Dung Eater, again go to the Roundtable Hold and you will find Dung Eater at his usual position. This time, you will notice a change in his thinking. Despite defiling you, Dung Eater will now suggest that you should defile him instead and will ask you to bring more Seedbed Curses to his body.

With this step, Elden Ring lays another alternate strategy for the players to end this questline early. Let us see that strategy in our next point.

7. Offer Seluvis Potion to the Dung Eater for a Puppet  (Alternate Way)

Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations

This time, rather than killing him, you can turn Dung Eater into a puppet summon. This will let you end the quest early once again. Although you might have to deal with a few extra steps, it will turn Dung Eater into an imprisoned NPC. You can later summon him anytime just like you do with your Ashes.

If you wish to proceed with this alternate way and end this questline right here, then you will need to follow the steps below:

  • In order to give Seluvis to the Dung Eater, you need to start by following the Elden Ring Ranni questline and secret ending. You need to follow it until the point where you will finally have your chance to talk to her in Ranni’s Rise and the three minions which also includes Seluvis.
  • Next, go and talk to Seluvis himself in his tower and he will give you the Seluvis Potion.
  • Once you have the potion with you, go to the Dung Eater and interact with him. Make sure to visit him in his subterranean cell and not in Roundtable Hold. Throughout this interaction, offer him the Seluvis Potion and he will eventually fall unconscious.
  • As you walk to the North o Ranni’s tower, you will find some ruins with an illusionary floor that automatically disappears when attacked. There go down the steps and you can read the message about not touching.
  • Again, go back to Seluvis and defy him. In a while, Seluvis will then turn the Dung Eater into a puppet summon in exchange for just 5 starlight shards.

8. Bring four Seedbed Curses to the Dung Eater

Since you have already offered one Seedbed Curse to the Dung Eater, all you need to do now is to find the four other Seedbed Curses. Once you get them all, bring them to the Dung Eater.

But here’s a catch, you do not need to bring them to the one at the Roundtable Hold. Instead, take them to the Dung Eater back in the cell. You will surely find him there tied to a chair. Finally, give him all the Seedbed Curses until he is completely satisfied.

9. Get the Restorative Rune from the Dung Eater

After you finally pour all the five Seedbed Curses into the Dung Eater, consider your questline has been successfully completed by now. At this point, the Dung Eater will grant you the Restorative Rune of the Falling Curse. This rune is simply of great value in order to end the Blessing of Despair ending which he wanted for you to achieve. Apart from that, if you refill the area and come back, it will drop the Omen armor set for you as well.

Finally, for the Blessing of Despair ending in the world of Elden Ring, you will have to take this ruin until the very end of the game. And after you kill the last of the main bosses in Elden Ring, you will have your chance to use this ruin at last.


So, this brings us to the end of this guide for Elden Ring Dung Eater Questline Locations. As mentioned, you have to visit all the places to find the Seedbed Curses and finally deliver all of them to the Dung Eater. On completion, you will receive multiple rewards. Not to mention, most of the rewards are available at the early ending of the quest.

However, if you follow up till the end, you should be able to find the Omen armor at last as a reward. And it is the only reward that stays consistent in all variations of the questline ends. The others simply vary on how you complete the Elden Ring Dung Eater quest.

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