How to Fix If Samsung TV Remote Control Not Working Issue?

If your Samsung TV remote control is not working, then this guide brings you the solution for that. A technically faulty remote disrupts the peaceful experience of enjoying a TV program. There can be multiple reasons why the remote of your Samsung TV fails. Either you placed faulty batteries or fixed the batteries with the wrong polarity.

There may be an issue with automatic pairing which usually goes fine. Also, the snag may arise due to a faulty IR sensor of the remote. In this guide, I have explained how to follow various troubleshooting methods to fix the Samsung TV Remote control that is not working. Let’s get into the details in this guide and fix up this issue.

How to Fix If Samsung TV Remote Control Not Working Issue

Fixes for Samsung TV Remote Control Not Working

So, here is the list of troubleshooting in no particular order. These are all effective and tested methods to fix the faulty Samsung TV Remote control.

Are You Using A Faulty Battery?

If you have put batteries that have already run out of juice, then nothing is going to work. So, take those batteries that you have put on Samsung TV remote out and try to put it on other gadgets and see if they work or not. If they had depleted, they won’t work. So, replace the batteries.

Wrong Battery Polarity

Every battery has a + and – side. So, while placing them in the remote control, you should be careful that the + side of the battery aligns with the + sign inside of the remote. Similarly, the – sign should align with the – symbol of the remote control.

Since you are taking out the batteries, there is another quick fix you can try as well. Take out the batteries and then press the power button of the remote for a few seconds. Then re-insert the batteries and try to check if it is working or not.

Check if the Infrared Sensor Has Any Fault

If the sensor that IR signal to the TV has some issue, then the IR signal will not come in the first place. So, to check for the IR sensor, do this trick.

  • Open the camera on your smartphone
  • Then aim the remote control at the smartphone camera lens from a close vicinity
  • Check whether infrared light flashes on the camera screen

If the light is visible this means the sensor is working really fine. Otherwise, you need to contact Samsung customer support to replace or repair the remote control.

Also, make sure that nothing is blocking the IR sensor of the remote. If some object is blocking the remote’s signal it will not work.


Try to Pair the Remote Manually

Usually, upon switching your Samsung TV on, the remote pairs with the TV automatically. However, technical snag may interfere in pairing the remote.

There are two ways to pair manually depending upon which remote control you use.

1st method

  • Long press the Return button
  • Then press the Play/pause button for 3 seconds.

2nd Method

  • Press the Menu button
  • Then long-press the Return button for 5 seconds

Infra-Red Earphones

If you have IR enabled earphones that you use for your Samsung TV, then plug those earphones into the dedicated jack of the TV. Then remove them. Now, check if the remote control is working or not.

So, these were all the working troubleshoot to fix the issue of the Samsung TV remote control not working. Try them out and comment on whether any of these fixes worked for you or not.

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