Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware Collections – [Back to Stock ROM/Unbrick]

Samsung released the must anticipate next Galaxy Smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S8. It became official on April 2017, and today we will give the list of Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware Collection. You can flash the Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 using the below guide on How to Install Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock firmware. In this list, we will update all the Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware collection with SM-G950F. Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out of the box with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

In this guide, we have used the ODIN tool to flash the stock ROM on Galaxy S8. To flash this make sure you have 70% or more battery left on your phone. To install Stock ROM on Galaxy S8, Download the ODIN File from below.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware Collections - SM-G950F / G955F

Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware Collections – SM-G950F

Undoubtfully, Samsung Galaxy S7 has proven itself one of the most improved, powerful, and stylish smartphones available in the market. However, many Samsung fans feel that there is a lot of room for further improvement. We can never expect less from Samsung as it has always been an innovative brand most of the times. Rumors have already started to spread about the launch of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, probably the next one is the Galaxy S series too: Samsung Galaxy S8.

In this list, we have added both firmware for SM-G950F which came out of the box. You can use this firmware in case if you brick your device, or if you want to downgrade or get back to stock ROM. You can use our guide which pretty much explains to you on How to Unbrick your Galaxy S8 using our list of Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware Collections.

Download the ROM which we have listed in this table below. You can also update your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone anytime, also you can install the Stock Firmware build to revert back to the old version also. In case if you have bricked your device, then you can bring back the phone (Unbrick) using the stock firmware anytime. Also if you feel your Samsung Galaxy S8 lag or has an issue, then flash the stock firmware from the list below and save from such a situation. Stock Firmware doesn’t void warranty on your Samsung Galaxy S8.


The Advantage Of Stock Firmware:

  • To Unbrick your phone
  • Fix the Bootloop problem
  • Upgrade and Downgrade your phone
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs on your phone
  • To fix the lag or stutter
  • By flashing Stock ROM, you can solve software problems.
  • Revert back to stock to gain your warranty.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware

Carrier/Region Model No OS Build Number
USA (US Unlocked) SM-G950U1 10 G950U1UEU7DTF4
USA SM-G950U / SM-G955U 10 G950USQU7DTF4
Germany G950F 9.0 G950FXXU9DTF1
China G9500Z 9.0 G9500ZCU5DTF3
Peru and Brazil G950F 10 G950FXXS9DTEB
Europe and South America G950F 9.0 G950FXXS9DTEA
Canada G950W 9.0 G950WVLS7CTC1
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXS8DTCB
Australia G950F 9.0 G950FXXS8DTC7
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXS8DTC6
T-Mobile/Sprint G950U 9.0 G950USQS7DTB3
New Zealand, Australia, Papa New Guinea, and Fiji G950F 9.0 G950FXXS8DTC3
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXS8DTC1
Spain/Austria G950F 9.0 G950FXXS7DTB1
US Carrier G950U 9.0 G950USQS7DTA6
US Carrier G950U 9.0 G950USQS7DTA3
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXS7DTA6
New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea G950F 9.0 G950FXXS6DTA5
US Unlocked G950U 9.0 G950U1UEU7DSL5
Canada G950W 9.0 G950WVLS7CSL1
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXS6DTA1
South America G950F 9.0 G950FXXS6DSL2
Verizon G950U 9.0 G950USQU7DSL3
Canada G950W 9.0 G950WVLS7CSK1
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXU6DSK9
Australia/Fiji G950F 9.0 G950FXXS6DSK8
T-Mobile G950U 9.0 G950USQS7DSK2
Mexico G950F 9.0 G950FXXS6DSK7
T-Mobile G950U 9.0 G950USQU6DSJ6
US Unlocked  G950U 9.0 G950U1UEU6DSJ4
Greece G950F 9.0 G950FXXU5DSJC
T-Mobile G950U 9.0 G950USQU6DSJ3
AT&T G950U 9.0 G950USQS6DSJ3
Verizon G950U 9.0 G950USQS6DSJ1
South America G950F 9.0 G950FXXS5DSJ5 / G950FXXS5DSJD
US Unlocked G950U 9.0 G950U1UES6DSJ1
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXU5DSID
Canada G950W 9.0 G950WVLU6CSI3
T-Mobile G950U 9.0 G950USQU6DSH8
Verizon G950U 9.0 G950USQS6DSI4
New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji G950F 9.0 G950FXXS5DSI6
Europe and Asian G950F 9.0 G950FXXU5DSHC
USA Carrier G950U 9.0 G950USQS6DSH2
US Unlocked G950U 9.0 G950U1UES6DSH1
South America G950F 9.0 G950FXXS5DSH5
AT&T G950U 9.0 G950U1UES6DSG1
South America G950F 9.0 G950FXXS4DSE8
T-Mobile  G950U 9.0 G950USQS6DSG4
Verizon G950U 9.0 G950USQU5DSG7
AT&T G950U 9.0 G950USQS5DSE5
Sprint G950U 9.0 G950USQS5DSF2
International G950F 9.0 G950FXXS5DSFA
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXU5DSFB
Europe G950F 9.0 G950FXXS5DSF1

Steps to Install Galaxy S8 Stock Firmware manually:

If you have not received the OTA update, rooted, or installed any custom ROM, then you can simply follow this guide to the update manually by using ODIN Software. Follow the complete instruction to install a new update on Samsung Galaxy S8.

Required Odin and Drivers:


  • This ROM is supported by Galaxy S8 [SM-G950]
  • Download the required firmware and drivers.
  • Your device must have a 50% – 70% Battery.
  • You need a PC or Laptop to install this firmware.
  • Take a Full Backup on your phone before Installing any new firmware. So make sure you have data in case if something is Wrong (This Process won’t lose your data).
  • You need to Enter Samsung Download Mode.
  • Make sure you have followed the steps properly. Don’t Skip and Read! – We are not responsible for any damage.

Instructions to Install:

  1. If you have downloaded and installed the file from above then you are good to Go – Read from Step 2
    • First of all, enable the USB Debugging
    • To Enable the USB Debugging you need also to activate the developer option, Now Go to your Settings -> About Phone -> Now Tap on the Build Number 7-8 Times until you see a toast message “Developer option enabled
    • Once your developer option is active, Go back to your settings -> Open developer option -> Enable USB Debugging 
  2. Open the Extracted ODIN File called ODIN v3.11.1 exe file using the Administrator – Right Click your mouse and Open using Administrator odin
  3. Now Reboot your Phone into Download Mode
  4. So First Turn your Phone off -> press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons Until you see a download mode.
  5. Now Connect your Phone to PC using the USB Cables
  6. When you connect the USB cable you will see a blue sign in Odin odin blue sign
  7. Now Go back again Odin and Add the firmware which you downloaded from Above by Clicking AP/PDA Button ap pda
  8. Now Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked – Go to Option and see (Let the Auto Reboot and F-Reset Time be ticked)repartition odin
  9. Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes until you see a message pass. Once you see PASS then you can remove your Phone from the part. Don’t Panic if you see your Phone restarts while updating.

That’s ALL! When you restart your Phone , You will have the newly installed version of Stock ROM on Galaxy S8. Enjoy.

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