How to Fix If You Can’t Dislike Songs in Spotify App?

Hearing music is the passion of your life play on! With the Spotify mobile app, you can enjoy your music hassle-free. If you don’t like any particular artist’s music, you have the option in this app to block the artist, whether it’s in Andriod or iOS. The problem is it’s not as easy to hide dislike songs from all playlists or radio stations. If you dislike a song, it’s only applicable to the current playlist as well on the current device, whether it’s an android or iOS.

With Spotify premium or Spotify free app disliking songs is not permanent, it’s not applicable in account-wide, but it depends only per device. So keep it in your mind that if you make a move to dislike a song from your iPhone, it may show up on your alternate Andriod device as well. This note will direct you to where you can or not dislikes a song from certain artists and the possibility to hide a song from the playlist.


Anyway, through this note, you will get to know more about Spotify and its pons and cons. If you are using more accounts and devices like Android and iOS, the dislikes songs will get back to any of your devices. Thus, things will get confused. Let’s see how it is.

Dislike songs in Spotify premium:

You can block dislikes songs from the current playlist or radio station. While in the app, you see a “no” symbol near to the play controls-tap it. The selected song will be blocked from the playlist or station and will skip to the next track automatically. Remember one thing it’s not practical to hide a song that isn’t in the current playing bar in the app; as a result, tap the bar to expand it.

In some playlists and radio stations, the process is different; if you tap the dislikes icon, an action menu will appear where you must choose “I don’t like this song” or “I don’t like this artist.” This can happen in many playlists or stations.

In Spotify “NO” symbol is considered as an official dislike button, and its role is to hide songs from the current playlist or station. It does not remove the track entirely from the Spotify account. However, the track will remove from the specific playlist or station. The function of the “dislike button” in Spotify is not to ban the song from your hearing experience but to hide songs.

Dislike songs in Spotify free:

There is a small difference from the premium account to free, from the “No” button to the “Minus” sign. The function is the same as above. The “Minus” sign will remove or hide dislike songs from the current playlist or station, at the same time in the premium “No” button erases the track from playing anywhere. The functions are the same, but the effect is different.

If you tap a “Minus” sign, the song will stop and skips to the next track in the list. What makes the “Minus” sign different from the “No” button is that the ‘Minus’ sign is visible everywhere in a free account. Even you can hide songs from the ellipsis menu. Tap the song in the view list or the current playlist; then, you can select “hide song” as seen in iOS or “hide this song” in Andriod. As well as using the “Minus” sign, you can also hide songs from the list view screen. You can spot the “Minus” sign next to the heart of each track.

Spotify free allows dislike songs at everywhere:

If you go through Spotify free app, you can see the song you wish to block or dislike. Tap the vertical ellipses as seen in the top right of the songs page then select for android device “don’t play this” and in iOS “Don’t play this song.” The song chosen will be blocked from all playlists or stations.

Absent of ‘Dislike’ button how you dislike songs:

There is an abundant chance to miss the “Dislike” button is usually a premium Spotify app. In the free account everywhere “Dislike” button is visible to hide a song from the current playing list. In the absence of dislikes button in premium Spotify app, you can dislikes songs played from; Daily Mix, Release Radar, Discover Weekly On Repeat, Repeat Rewind and Some Radio stations
Well, Spotify premium members can’t dislike songs played from; Search, Editorial playlists, Branded playlists, State of the Music Today playlists, Like Songs, Wrapped, Summer Rewind, Popular playlists, Genre playlists, Mood playlists, For Today’s Drive playlists, Featured Artists, Fresh New Music, User-Created playlists, Personal playlists, and most radio stations.

Spotify allows to block an artist:

Suppose you don’t like an artist’s song, you don’t have to block tons of his/her songs. Spotify enables you to block the artist wholly better than selecting each song of the artist to dislike from the playlist or radio station. And you can unblock the same artist if your attitude changes. This facility is available in both premium and free accounts.

Anyhow, Spotify is a mobile app designed to block your dislike of songs and artists from the playlist or station in your Android and iOS devices. Everything related to this app is depicted precisely to enjoy the freedom of music listening experience.

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