Fix: After iOS 16 Update, My iPhone Not Charging or Charging Slow (Works on 16.4, 16.5)

Apple has finally launched its new iPhone 14 series along with its new software update called iOS 16. The iOS 16 comes with a lot of new features which were announced in the WWCD. Apple is always focused on providing new security updates with some new features. The iOS 16 brings some of the features that the users demand. We will tell you about them. After the iOS 16 update, many users reported their iPhones not charging or charging very slowly compared to their old version.

Those users who have downloaded the latest iOS 16 update on their iPhones are reporting charging issues. It is causing issues in not charging their iPhones properly. We are here with the guide, where we will tell you the methods through which you can easily fix this issue.


Take a look at the iOS 16 Features 

Here we list the features you will be getting in the iOS 16 update.

  • Edit and Undo Send in iMessages
  • Live Activities in API
  • Lockscreen notification and media player
  • Home screen customization UI
  • Undo send option in Mail
  • New Home Wallpapers
  • Carplay Wallpapers
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Security Updates

Reasons For Charging Problem in your iPhone 

There are many reasons for the charging problem. It might not only happen due to the iOS 16 update. Some other common problems might also cause problems in this. We suggest that you should also check the other reasons mentioned below.

  • Software Bugs
  • Hardware Problems
  • Charging Ports Issues
  • Cable Issues
  • Faulty Battery
  • Power Source

How To Fix Charging Problem in your iPhone

We have listed the reasons for the charging problem issue on your iPhone. Now, you can try fixing the charging issue with the methods that are given below.

Restart Your iPhone

The first thing that you should try is restarting your device. It might fix a lot of issues that are caused due to the system startup files. When you restart the iPhone then it will load all the files correctly and might help in fixing the issues which are caused due to iOS 16 update. Therefore, we will suggest that you should restart your iPhone to try fixing the issue.

Check Charging Port

The other thing that you should try is checking the charging port of the iPhone. There are chances that some objects or dust particles might have stuck in the port. If there are some objects or dust particles stuck in it, then try cleaning it. After cleaning it, check whether the charging problem has been resolved or not.

Check Lightning Cable

The other reason for the charging problem might be your charging cable. We will suggest that you should evaluate your lightning cable properly to check for damages. So, ensure that your lightning cable is not damaged, bent or kinked. In case, if it is damaged, then you need to replace it with a new one. Therefore, properly check the cable to avoid this type of issue.

Check Power Source & Adapter

This is another method through which you can try fixing the issue. The other reason for slow charging might be your power source and charger. So, we will suggest that you should evaluate your power source as well as your charger. In case, if you are using a slow adapter that is not passing proper voltage to the iPhone then it will lead to slow charging. Therefore, you should check the voltage of the adapter and evaluate the power source too.

Check Your Battery 

The charging problem can cause due to faulty batteries. So, we will suggest that you should evaluate the battery usage of your iPhone to check whether the battery is fine or not. If you see some unnecessary drops in the battery percentage in your iPhone then you will have to get it replaced with a new one.

Restore Your Device

If you are still facing the charging problem issue with your iPhone, then you need to restore it to the previous working stage. So, for this, you have to perform the Factory reset where you will have to delete all the files and settings to fix this issue. Before doing this step, make sure to create a backup of the files that are stored on the iPhone. After creating a backup of the files, follow the steps which are given below to factory reset your iPhone.

  • First of all, Open Settings on your device.
  • Select the General option.
  • Now, click on the Reset option.
  • After it, select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Now, you have to enter your passcode to confirm the factory reset.
  • The factory reset setup will start. It will take some time. After the restart, check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Contact Customer Support

Even after doing the factory reset on your iPhone, if your charging problem is not fixed then you will have to visit the service center. They will analyze the issue through which the charging problem is occurring. After analyzing the issue, they will fix the charging problem that is occurring on your iPhone.


In this guide, we have mentioned the possible reasons through which you can face the charging problem issue on your iPhone. We have discussed the various methods through which you can try fixing this issue. So, make sure that you implement all of them properly on your iPhone. If you have fixed the charging problem through any other method then do share it with us in the comment section below.


  1. I was facing this charging issue after downloading ios 16 public beta it was only resolved after downgraded to ios 15.6. So I would advise the people to do the same.

    1. How do you downgrade to a previous iOS? My 13pro updated to 16.4.1 and it has been a nightmare ever since. It won’t charge randomly. Hard restart doesn’t fix it. Can’t charge with any Apple cord I have nor a wireless charging pad. Screen freezes and I can’t swipe randomly. Weird thing is this happens in the evening. In the morning I can charge it and it works. I spent hours today doing a back up and ensuring my photos were backed up. I did a factory reset and used icloud to set it back up. Thought things were fine, but nope. 10 pm it wouldn’t charge again. Nothing wrong with my charging port either. How can I get back to iOS 15?

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