What is LazyBeard and Denimbeard Error code in Sea of Thieves?

If you don’t already know what the Beard errors are, these are some of the major errors that the players will have the chance to encounter while playing Sea of Thieves. The attempt of the developers was to break down all the errors and name them so that we can figure out what each error is trying to communicate with us. Hence, Beard errors to form. There are a lot of different Beard errors, which we have discussed in earlier articles.

Today, we’ll focus down on two major errors – the LazyBeard and Denimbeard errors. Out of all the errors in the Beard error list, these two are a bit unique. Because the rest of them will have some causative agent in common but not the latter two. So if you’re wondering what these, we’ll explain to you further about these errors in the guide below. Without any further ado, let’s see what is LazyBeard and Denimbeard error code in Sea of Thieves.

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What is LazyBeard and Denimbeard Error code in Sea of Thieves?

The LazyBeard and Denimbeard errors are a bit different from the other Beard errors that we may have discussed. These two stand out a little bit. Diving in, the LazyBeard error is concerned with the active status of players. You will see this error in case of going inactive/lack of activity in an active game session. What you can do is here is nothing but to connect in again.

Next up, we have the Denimbeard error. Chances are that you’ll encounter this error during the matchmaking flow on the Insider version of Sea of Thieves. If at this point you do see this error, it means that you are not signed up on the Insider program. If you want to sign up for it now, simply go to their official website for signing. Before you sign up, make sure you are over 18, own a Game Pass subscription/Sea of Thieves physical or digital copy. If in instance you’re sure that you’ve signed up for the Insider program, it is possible that you may have been from it for breaking the Terms and Conditions. If this is the case, go to their official support center and raise a ticket to appeal.

Summing up our guide, the LazyBeard error appears as you are kicked out from an active game session due to inactivity. Moving on, the Denimbeard error means that you’re not signed up on the insider program or you were kicked out from it due to any violation of Terms and Conditions. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.


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