NetFlix Not Working on My PS4 or Xbox Consoles: How to Fix

The two major gaming platform, Xbox and Play Station, has ever been in an immersive battle since their invention. Two ultimate video gaming platforms, stand out uniquely with their ability to take on the heaviest of games. But with the major streaming platform NetFlix coming into the digital scene, the capabilities of these gaming platforms are just rising to new levels! Streaming movies with NetFlix on your PS4 or Xbox Consoles, however, does come with at least the slightest worries.

You open the app, and you will, at times, deal with some kind of trouble. You might try fixing it and getting things back in order, but it just wouldn’t compromise. This is why the internet comes with its way of approaching things – a neat and delicate way. You might be having to deal with the NetFlix app not opening properly, not working, crashing, unable to play videos, or an everlasting loading screen that just never goes away. Well, we have a solution to this all. So without further ado, let’s dive into how we can fix this.

Netflix Error/Problem fixes

Common Methods to Fix It

  1. Check if NetFlix is down: This might happen sometimes. People be firing up the app but cannot get in because their whole server is down. This is because maybe NetFlix is at construction, bringing in a new update, or their server’s messed up. To check if this is the instance, just open another app demanding an internet connection like YouTube. If that’s working, then the NetFlix server might be suffering some trouble, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Alternatively, you can go to their official website dedicated to our issue to check if the server is down.
  2. Restart your device: Most of the time, there might be something bugging up in your device. This can be terminated by restarting your device, which will kill all active apps and anything that’s interfering with your activities.
  3. Check your network connection: Make sure the Wi-Fi you’re connected to is working properly. Make sure you get good signals. To check if it’s working fine, just open up another app like YouTube and see if you can load videos there. If you can’t, something’s wrong with the network, and you’ve gotta solve it.
  4. Reboot your network connection: Even if your internet’s working fine, you might have to reboot the connection and see if that solves the problem. To do so, just disconnect the ethernet cable, turn off your router and unplug all cables from the power socket. Wait 3 minutes and plug it all back in, and turn everything on. Try again and if the problem still persists, move on.
  5. Update your NetFlix app: Sometime, applications might need the latest version to work properly. Also, updating to whatever new versions are available ensures the implication of any solution to an existing error. So updating helps in the smooth working of your application. Update the NetFlix app to the latest version, as this might be the causative problem.
  6. Log out of NetFlix and log in again: Logging out of your NetFlix account and signing back in usually does the job. This will help you resolve the problem if you think something’s up with only your account. Though this might not be the case you’re having trouble with your NetFlix, it’s worth a try.
  7. Reinstall the NetFlix application: Do this if your NetFlix app is buggy or crashing constantly. This happens because the app data is corrupted, so uninstalling and installing the application will remove its data entirely from the device, along with the bugs that are messing up with it.
  8. Sign out of NetFlix on all devices: NetFlix’s subscription allows you to be signed in on multiple devices. This sometimes could cause the NetFlix servers not to deliver you the proper results. It could also happen if multiple devices with the same NetFlix account are streaming simultaneously. Signing out of all those devices could help you resolve the issue. You can do this by signing in to your account on the NetFlix website. From the website, go to Account→Sign out of all devices.
  9. Update your device’s Operating System: Just like updating the app as we mentioned before, update your system’s Operating System is also a method to go with. Updating to the latest version of Software ensures the removal of any identified bugs that might be interfering with your apps, including NetFlix. Hopefully, this is proven to solve the trouble.

How to Fix NetFlix Errors on PS4

  1. Just like any other system or apps, the Play Station also has servers that keep running in order for things to work accordingly. Check if the Play Station Network is down. If the network’s down, you won’t be able to do anything from your end. So you just have to wait until the network’s back online. They might put their server down in times of bringing in new software updates or for any other reasons there could be. You can check if the Play Station Network is okay in their official network status website. 
  2. Quit your PS4 NetFlix app completely: If you switch to another app or video game after streaming NetFlix, it will still be running in the background, and bugs might start crawling in. Ensure that you completely quit the NetFlix apps before you move to any other activities in your PS4. This will instantly kill the issues messing up your experience with the app, and you’ll be opening application fresh the next time you wanna stream without any recent bugs interfering.

How to Fix NetFlix Errors on Xbox

  1. Like PS4, the Xbox also, of course, have server or networks that keep running to make things work. So check if the Xbox’s network is down. Like before, if this is the case, there’s nothing you could do but wait and hope. You can check if something’s up with the server on their official network status website.  On the page, check if the category “TV, Music and Video” has a green tick mark to its left. If it does, then the network is fine, and you might be suffering from some other problem. If you don’t see the green mark, something’s up, and you’ll have to wait until the issue from their end is solved.
  2. Quit your Xbox NetFlix app completely: Just like we’ve told above, completely your NetFlix app before you switch to something else. This’ll kill off bugs, and the app will stay fresh and working.

Just like anything made of codes out there, this too will have problems. Of course, everything has a flaw. The guide above will help you resolved whatever problem you are currently facing with NetFlix on your PS4 or Xbox consoles. Just go through them patiently and thoroughly apply the steps. This is only another trouble to which we have dozens of remedies to work with. Well, we already covered all the common Netflix problems and errors.

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