How to Fix Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android device

The change and progress in watching TV for video content increased gradually. With the advanced OTT services, anyone can stream videos on their mobiles, laptops, or tablets from any part of the world. There is no limitation in it. At the midway, in any café or any remote place people wish to watch their Netflix shows on their mobile.

In watching videos on Netflix, overriding brightness disrupts the visual experience of people in selected Android mobiles. While streaming videos in Netflix app, the videos turn either too dark or too light, the brightness setting in the mobile changes. In some times, the color disappears from the videos while watching videos on the Netflix app.

How to Fix Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android device

Fix Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android device

Let’s check how it is possible to correct the brightness in the Netflix app and solve the issue.

1. Restart your mobile:

Before trying to solve the brightness issue of your phone, you need to restart. No troubleshooting procedure should begin without restarting.

2. Change brightness settings in the Netflix app

Most Netflix users are unaware that the app comes with inbuilt brightness settings. This brightness setting may be the problem in overriding brightness. Unknowingly you might change the settings; this caused the Netflix color changes either too dark or bright. It is not possible to find brightness settings in the Netflix app. You can see it on the now-playing screen only. Just play a video on Netflix there, you can find a brightness control slider on the screen. Usually, it will be on the left side of the screen. Using this slider, you can control the brightness.

3. Allow Picture-in-Picture mode

Some Netflix users suggest that playing videos in the picture–in–picture mode fixes the darkness issue. But picture-in-picture works on an Android 8.0 device.

First of all, increase the brightness of your mobile from phone settings. Then open the Netflix app and play a video on a pop-up screen by pressing the home button. Automatically picture-in-picture mode gets activated. Turn it on full-screen mode to see the video in normal mode.

4. Netflix app updates:

To avoid assumptions, you can update your present Netflix app from the play store. Sometimes a small issue in your Netflix app may be responsible for this brightness problem on your mobile. We don’t have to neglect any silly possibility.

5. Deactivate Blue Light or Night Light

This brightness problem may occur in enabling Night light or Blue light in the display settings. You know, the Night light enabled, you can see an orange-yellowish tint on your mobile.
To deactivate this- Go to Settings> Display, then tap on Night and Blue light, the setting is currently active, turn it deactivate. Then come back from settings and play a video on Netflix to check the color change.

6. Video Enhancer may be the problem:

Some mobile phones have different settings; this may cause trouble in brightness in the Netflix app. The mobile, Samsung, has such a setting; Video Enhancer settings. To fix the Netflix brightness issue, deactivate the Video Enhancer setting.

For disabling the settings- Go to mobile Settings>Advanced Settings, then disable Video Enhancer, and also you can find this, searching in settings directly.

7. Solve Battery Issue

Keep an eye on your battery setting as well. Some of the Android mobiles require high-performance mode; in this situation, your mobile automatically increases the screen brightness. You can change it to another power setting. -Go to Settings>Battery>power mode. Follow this step to change the mode.

8. Go through private apps

If you are using private apps to control your mobile temperature and brightness, this may be the reason for the Netflix brightness issue. Better disable these apps for the smooth, accurate Netflix videos. One more thing if your mobile is in a game mode, don’t miss to check this as well.

9. Reinstall Netflix:

If all the above tries failed, in this situation, you can try another solution, uninstall Netflix app from your mobile. This will not harm you in any way. To uninstall the app, long press on the app and tap on the uninstall button appear on the screen. After uninstalling the app restart the mobile and install the latest Netflix app again.

10. Install another version with APK

In case of failing to fix the brightness issue in Netflix uninstall, there is another possible way to fix the issue. Install a different Netflix version with APK. In this option, you can upgrade and downgrade the app to check which version is suitable. As per some user’s opinions, Netflix 4.1 will fix the issue. This is not a new version and has some different features as well.

In all these solutions, never fix the issue; you change your Netflix plan. This brightness issue usually happens in HDR content. If you select an HD video support plan, you may be able to play videos without any interception and will clear the problem effectively.

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