How to fix Netflix Subtitles not working or missing error?

Netflix always allows users to enable subtitles, captions, and offer audio for numerous TV shows and movies in any language. But if you cannot see the subtitles or the subtitles do not display occasionally, you have the option to fix the issue.

When you are confronting Netflix subtitles not working or missing error, to solve this issue, you can follow the troubleshooting steps, as we mentioned below. You can go through the instructions below to fix the issue.

To turn on Netflix subtitles on your Android phone or tablet 

  • Check your network support streaming

If you are away from your home, it means suppose you are at school, office, or any public place. You can ensure your network administrator allows streaming services like Netflix to be supported and make sure they unknowingly block the service. Then the next is you have to check the network’s limited bandwidth.

  • Check your network

In case the low speed of your selected network may cause subtitles, not working, or missing error. While you are using a mobile data network or satellite internet, the connection speed of these networks is slower than cable internet or DSL. So, better try a different network.

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  • Stream using a different internet connection

If you are facing a home network configuration problem, then you try to connect your Android device to a different internet access point. For instance, you can access a different Wi-Fi connection, or you can use your device to your friend’s house using a different network.

In the situation you are facing a streaming problem from your home network configuration, then you are able to use a mobile data network, but we are not sure this will try not fix the issue.

  • Default connection setting has to be Restore

In order to fix the issue, if you ever made a change in your streaming device to use custom connection settings, then restore your internet provider’s default settings.

Settings changes needed- disable Virtual Private Network (VNP) or proxy service and try a direct connection with your home internet. Reset the DNS settings from custom DNS settings to DNS automatic settings.

  • Increase Wi-Fi signal strength

You have to improve your Wi-Fi- connection strength to get rid of Netflix subtitles errors. To overcome Wi-Fi signal strength moves your router in the central location. And you have to move wireless devices like cordless phones or microwave ovens far away from the router. The next option is to place the router on the top of any tall furniture.

To turn on Netflix subtitles on Nintendo 3DS

You can follow these steps to fix the issue:

Watch another TV shows or movie

While watching another TV show or movie, the subtitle plays correctly without any interruption, then go to the ‘Viewing activity’ page and select ‘Report a Problem’ link you can see near to the title that did not work. If you didn’t see the ‘Report a Problem’ link, then you have to understand that automatically the problem has been reported.

Watch using another device

The Netflix subtitle does not display on any TV show or movie; in this situation, you can use any other device to play Netflix TV shows or movies with subtitles.

To turn on Netflix subtitles on Smart TV

To fix the issue, first of all, restart your home network. To restart your home network, follow this process- Unplug your smart TV and all home network equipment for 30 seconds. After unplugging the modem for 30 seconds, then plug in the modem and wait for any indicator lights are blinking on. Then turn on your Smart TV and play Netflix.

However, the newly added Netflix TV shows and movies do not have subtitles. And in some cases, your streaming device is not updated; there is a possibility that the device does not support subtitles.

After reading this article helps you to fix Netflix subtitles not working or missing errors. You can follow our reliable above given instructions, and without the help of any technical expert can solve the issue. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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