Complete Nintendo Switch Controller Guide and Setup

The Nintendo Switch offers the users three different modes of play, as well as have a versatile Joy-Con controller. The Nintendo Switch Pro is sold separately.

This guide will instruct you with the setup of the Nintendo Switch as well as give you a detailed aspect of the controller.

Complete Nintendo Switch Controller Guide and Setup

Here is the complete guide for Nintendo Switch Controller which will help you from attaching the controller till removing it and even holding it.

Attaching the Joy-Con Controllers

When in the handheld mode, players can enjoy the Nintendo Switch controller game with the Joy-Con controllers attached to the console. If you wish to connect them to your console, just align the controller on the rails properly on both the sides and slide them down till you hear the click. You should attach your Joy-Con controllers properly. Put your left and right Joy-Con controllers on either side of the console correctly. To identify them, the right Joy-Con will have the + Button, and the left Joy-Con will have the – Button. You can attach a total of 10 Joy-Cons to your controller.

Removing the Joy-Con controllers

To remove the Joy-Con controllers from your Nintendo Switch console, push the button present on the backside of the controller and drag it upwards. Doing this will keep the Joy-Con paired to your Nintendo Switch, and you can use it wirelessly. You can also charge them up when they run out of battery.

Play Using the detached Joy-Con controllers

When you have detached your Joy-Cons from the console, you can use them as accessories. You can combine them with a Joy-Con grip, and this will transform it into a single handheld controller. You can use the combination to charge your Joy-Cons with the Joy-Con grip simultaneously. You can also purchase a Joy-Con charging grip, which is sold separately. 

Using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Pro controller with the Joy-Cons is sold separately. You can use this to enjoy your games for longer durations when paired with the console in either tabletop mode or TV mode.

Attach the Pro controller to the USB cable with the dock to charge or pair the same, when in TV mode with the console. With enough charge in the Pro Controller, you can use it wirelessly by unplugging the USB cable.

How to Attach or Remove the Joy-Con Strap Accessory

To connect the Strap accessory, align the + and – buttons on the Joy-Con controller with the ones on the Strap accessory. Next, drag the same along the rail. Lock the strap in place. Adjust the cord properly so that it does not slip your hands.

To remove the strap accessory, hold the top of the strap, and drag it upwards.

Attaching and Removing the Joy-Con controllers from the Joy-Con Grip

The left and the right Joy-Cons can be combined and be used as a single piece controller. 

To attach, remove the controller and slide downwards into the rails on the Joy-Con grip. 

To remove, push the release buttons on the backside of the controller and drag them upwards.

Holding the Joy-Con controllers 

You will need to hold both the controllers vertically up. You can also hold them up at the same time. The trend of keeping the Joy-Con controllers will change according to the game you are playing. 

  • In the Dual-controller grip, you will have to hold the controllers vertically up. This grip will enable you to move the controllers free of one another and also provide you with a lot of buttons.
  • In the Solo remote grip, you will have to hold the controller vertically up in one hand. In this grip, motion controls, as well as the one-handed Button, will be available to you.
  • In the Solo horizontal grip, you will have to hold the controller in a horizontal manner, with the help of both of your hands. You may also need to tilt the controller while playing some specific games.

These were some of the techniques which you can use to up your gaming experience while using the Nintendo Switch. You can also try out your own ways of gripping the controllers.  We hope this guide helps you to master the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller. If you liked this, do remember to check our other Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides to read more. If you have any doubts or feedback, comment down with your name along with the email ID, and we will reply shortly. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to win our $150 giveaway contest. Happy Gaming.

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