How To Change Your Username On Instagram

Do you want to change your Instagram username.? In this guide, I will teach you how to do it. You can tweak your existing username and change it into something cooler. It is possible to do on both the Instagram app and Instagram web version for PC. Your username for any social network is your identity on the internet. So, those who are serious content creator they always aim for creating a catchy and quirky username.

The username that you wish to change may not be available all the time. Instagram will notify you of the same when you will actually change the existing name. That’s not an issue though. You can make a few changes here and there and your username will be ready. It may not be the exact one you want but will be a lot similar. Now let’s get down to the guide and see how to change the Instagram username in a few easy steps.

Change Instagram username

First, let’s know the steps to change the username on the Instagram app.

  • Open Instagram and log in to your profile
  • Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right corner to go to your profile
  • In the profile section, just below the bio, there will be the option Edit Profile. Tap on it
    edit Instagram profile to change username
  • In the Username field, tap to start the editing
  • Double-tap on the existing username to select and press the spacebar on the on-screen keyboard to remove that name
  • Then type the new username that you want to have
    set new Instagram username
  • Now tap on Done to finish the process.

Change Username from Instagram Web Version

The process of changing usernames is entirely similar to the smartphone app version of Instagram.

  • Login to Instagram
  • Click on the Profile icon and from the drop-down menu select Profile
    Instagram profile
  • Under profile, click on Edit profile
    Edit Instagram profile
  • In the Username field, click to highlight the existing username and remove it
  • Now type the new username
    change Instagram username
  • click Submit by scrolling down to the Edit Profile section

Can You Go Back to Your Previous Username?

Yes, you can go back to your previous username in case you don’t like the new one you have just set. However, you have to wait for 14 days to do that. There is a caveat though. No one can guarantee that your previous Instagram username will be available when you try to set that back after two weeks. Within that 14 days period, someone may use it as their username while setting up their Instagram profile. Only if it’s not taken and is available you can reset it as your Instagram username.

What You Can Do If Your Desired Instagram Username is Not Available?

Well, the username that you are trying to set may be unavailable. Instagram will notify you that the username is not available when you try to change the username. Maybe some other Instagram user is already having it. So, to set a similar username you can add some numerical or underscore to that same username. That way, you get your choice of username but with slight differences.


So, these were the steps to change Instagram usernames from your computer or the smartphone app. Everyone on Instagram is entitled to have a cool and catchy username to make themselves popular. If you are one of them, then this guide will be useful to you.

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