Fix Netflix Site Error: Unable to process your request

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms used by billions around the globe to watch Movies and TV shows online via their PCs, game consoles and other compatible devices. Netflix users from time to time encounter some issues when trying to access the platform’s services, and one of such issues comes with the error message: “Netflix Site Error: Unable to process your request”. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps you can take to resolve the issue if you encounter that error message.

Whenever you encounter the “Netflix Site Error: Unable to process your request” which is usually more detailed as in the image below:

Fix Netflix Website Error - Unable to process your request

It either means that there’s some information stored on your web browser that is required to be refreshed or that you’re experiencing an issue with network connectivity. In any case, the following troubleshooting steps should help resolve the issue.

How to Fix Netflix Site Error: Unable to process your request

Here we will guide you on how to fix the Netflix unable to process your request error.

Log in on Another Device

This is one way to decipher what exactly is the reason why you might be encountering the “Netflix Website Error: Unable to process your request” issue. Log in to your account on another device but make sure you have logged out of your account on any device where you are currently logged into.

Also, as much as possible, log in on another device using the same network as the PC on which you encountered the Netflix error.

If, when you try to log in to your Netflix account on another device, you encounter an error, what it means is that Netflix is at the moment unable to link your account to the Netflix service. In that case, you’ll have to exercise patience and try again later to afford them time to work on your account.

However, if you can log in to your account seamlessly on another device, you should continue troubleshooting to pinpoint the cause of the “Netflix Website Error: Unable to process your request” issue.

Delete Netflix cookies from your Web Browser

Next, visit to delete all Netflix cookies on your web browser. This automatically signs you out of your Netflix account.

Sign in again by filling in your Netflix email and password, then try to stream on Netflix again. If you’re still seeing the “Netflix Website Error: Unable to process your request” message, go on to the next troubleshooting step below.

Restart your Web Browser

This step is pretty much straightforward. Close your web browser, restart it and try streaming on Netflix again.

If you still are having the “Netflix Website Error: Unable to process your request” issue, it’s not time to give up yet as the problem might be with the web browser you’re using.

Try another Web Browser or Device

Try to stream Netflix using another web browser to see if the issue is resolved. You could also consider using another Netflix-supported device to continue streaming.

You can check for compatible browsers on the Netflix Help platform, and as well check out other Netflix-enabled devices that you can use to stream Netflix.

Restart your PC

If you still haven’t resolved the Netflix site error after the steps discussed above, then you should restart your computer. Shut it down completely and boot it again.

When it comes back on, launch your web browser and try streaming Netflix again. It is expected that the “Netflix Website Error: Unable to process your request” message doesn’t pop up but if it persists, proceed to the next steps.

Restart your Home Network

Hopefully, you didn’t have to come this far but if you did, there’s no cause alarm. Before you restart your home network, ensure that your personal computer is completely powered down.

When you have done that, unplug your modem from power for a minimum of 30 seconds. If your wireless router is a separate device, do same for the router.

Plug your modem in and wait until the indicator lights return to their normal state. Do same for the router if it is a separate device.

Restart your computer and connect to your home network again. Then try streaming Netflix.

I trust that one of the solutions provided above has helped you resolve the “Netflix Website Error: Unable to process your request” issue. Drop a comment below to let us know which it was.

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