Fix: HiSense TV No Picture Only Sound Issue

HiSense is basically a multinational major appliances and electronics manufacturer brand based in China and headquartered situated in Quingdao, Shandong Province, China. It is one of the state-owned enterprises that have a deal with publicly traded subsidiaries.

However, there are many HiSense appliances available in the market such as TV, Fridge, etc., this means it is a big player in the market. Yeah! In North America, people have a craze for HiSense products. But, due to its destructive policies, it is getting maligned in the market. Recently, some users started complaining about various issues on their different devices. But, the most highlighted and controversial issue is the HiSense TV no picture only sound issue.

However, just because of this issue, HiSense officials have to face a downside stream, but the good news is they are concerned about this problem and assured their users to fix this issue through software update ASAP! But, until they provide some fixes, we have something for you guys that will surely help you fix if there is no picture and the only sound is coming. 

Fix: HiSense TV No Picture Only Sound Issue

How To Fix HiSense TV No Picture Only Sound Issue

There are a few tricks available that you can use to fix this type of error. But, I’m not sure whether these fixes work for each user because it totally depends upon the reason for this error due to which you are getting this error. So, yes, there are chances that your HiSense TV picture tube may get damaged, due to which you are getting this no picture only sound error.

So, if the picture tube gets damaged, then except repairing it at your nearest service center, you have no other choice. Anyway, if that’s not the case, the issue may get resolved with the fixes mentioned below: 

Fix 1: Restart Your TV

As always, our first recommendation is to reboot your TV as this helps the whole system to remove all the temporary files that are the leading cause behind this error.

Basically, whenever you open something on your TV, the system creates an image of your action and stores it in its database. Whenever you visit the same page, you won’t have to wait for long by serving you a stale copy of that previously opened page.

But, sometimes, due to various reasons, these stored files may get corrupted or damaged, due to which there is various type of issues that occurs because these files prevent the system from functioning properly. Therefore, on rebooting your TV, these files automatically get flushed. So, we suggest you reboot your TV and again check if the no picture only sound issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 2: Check Your HDMI Cable

Now, if you reboot your TV and still get furious because of the same error, then there are possibilities that some of the cables that are connected to your TV may get damaged or have some fault.

Therefore, we need to check and inspect thoroughly the cables, especially the HDMI cable connected to your HiSense TV. However, in case you find that there is any cut or damage that occurs in the HDMI cable, then, if possible, then change the cable and make sure to tighten it properly.

After that, again, try playing the content on your HiSense TV in order to check if the issue gets fixed or not. Well, most probably doing this will fix the issue if it occurs due to a faulty HDMI cable. 

Fix 3: Set Picture Mode

Did you recently make some changes to your picture mode of HiSense TV? Well, there are chances that due to faulty or improper picture mode, you are getting this issue; therefore, we recommend you to follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your TV’s picture mode. 

  1. Firstly, turn on your HiSense TV and press the Home button using the remote in order to open the home screen of your HiSense TV. 
  2. After that, hover over to the settings option of your HiSense TV and open it.
  3. Now, navigate to the Device preferences option and select Pictures. Then, tap on the Ok button in order to confirm your action.
  4. After that, use your TV remote and press the down arrow. Then, select Reset to default and hit the Ok button to reset the settings. 

That’s it. Now, you have reset the Picture mode of your HiSense TV. We are hoping that by doing this, the no picture only sound issue will get resolved. But, in case you again get the same problem, then don’t worry! You can simply follow the other fixes that we have mentioned further in this article. 

Fix 4: Increase The Brightness

It is possibly the reason behind this issue. Yes, there are chances that your HiSense TV’s brightness may be set to the lowest, due to which you are only getting the audio and not the video. Therefore, use your HiSense TV remote and increase the brightness of your TV to full and check if you are able to see anything now or not.

Fix 5: Burned Out Backlights

If even after increasing the brightness, you won’t be able to see anything, then you can simply burn out all the backlights of your room. After that, follow the instruction same as we have mentioned: 

  • Firstly, boot up your TV and start playing the content. Then, as we said, switch off the light and make your room dark. 
  • After that, use your mobile phone’s flashlight and light that onto the HiSense TV screen to check if you are able to see the picture or not. However, suppose if you are able to see the picture after doing this, then this means the backlight LEDs get damaged, and you have to replace it from your nearest service center. 

Fix 6: Reset Your HiSense TV

Now, finally, if nothing helps you and you have checked, but the backlights are working fine. Then, there is the possibility that some system files are missing from your TV. Therefore, to fix that, you can simply reset your HiSense TV, and everything gets installed again, including the missing files automatically. So, try this out and check if the no picture only sound error gets resolved or not. 

Bottom Line

In this article, I’ve briefly described all the necessary details regarding how to fix if you are also facing the HiSense TV no picture only sound issue. We hope you have applied all these fixes and successfully resolved the issue on your TV. So, now that’s all from my side. But, if you have any questions, comment below.

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