Why Snapchat Stuck on Pending Message Screen?

Snapchat is a social media application for Android devices. It is a great way to keep connected with your friends. Snapchat is a fully secure platform. It is a little bit different from other social media applications, but it is quite similar to Facebook. The key feature Snapchat has is the snaps. Snaps are basically the short videos, gifs, and pictures which remain temporary. It has a friend list system, and you can exchange snaps only if you, the person you have added has added you back. However, understanding some mechanics of Snapchat can be pretty complicated, like sometimes Snapchat shows the pending message Screen.

Many users are facing problems because of this Snapchat stuck with the pending message screen. This is quite doubtful as messaging services are supposed to be instant. But for some reason, Snapchat users are reportingly facing the issue where their Snapchat message box is stuck saying pending message!

Why Snapchat Stuck on Pending Message Screen

Why Snapchat Stuck on Pending Message Screen?

The pending message is most probably showing because the person you are sending the message is inactive or haven’t added you back in the friend list. If the person was your friend and if he/she has removed you from the friend list. If it is the recent user that you have added, then it is possible the other user hasn’t added you yet, otherwise assume it they have removed you from the friend list.

Sorry to say this but there is no fix for this, you will have to inform the other user to add you back. It isn’t an error; this is how Snapchat works. After the other person has added you back, then you can exchange snaps.

However, this can happen vice versa; if you haven’t added the other user, then the message will show its pending. Add the other user to your friend list; then, you can exchange snaps.

Snapchat confirms officially that your message is pending when you and the recipient of the message aren’t friends. For new friends, the message will be sent after the recipient adds you back.

Snapchat Pending Message: Reasons

There are different reasons that mark your snap as pending. First, follow these steps to check if your snaps are pending or not. To check this, simply open your Snapchat app and open chat with your friend. If your snap is pending, then you will see it, as shown in the below picture.

Reason 1 – You are not a friend with another user on Snapchat

If you are not a part of other user’s friends, then you cannot send them a snap or text on Snapchat. If you just search for a user and start sending snaps to then, it will not be delivered to them. To solve this, simply send a follow request to another user. As soon as they accept the request, your snaps and chats will be delivered.

Reason 2 – The other user has not added you back on Snapchat

When you add a user from quick add, the other user also needs to add you back on Snapchat.

Once you add someone on Snapchat, they become a part of your friendliest. You can check it by opening the chat of that user, and after that, click on users bitmoji. When you do this, the following screen will appear.

Here you will see the details like since when you are a Snapchat friend of that user. Click on the three dots located on the upper right corner. It will open a new menu, as shown in the below image.

If the menu looks the same as the upper image and has the option to remove the friend, that means that the user is added to your friend list from your side. As soon as another user adds you back, your snaps and chats will be delivered. The pending status will change to delivered too.

Reason 3 – The other user has blocked you on Snapchat

When another user blocks you, you cannot send snaps or chat with them. On the other social media, when someone blocks you, you can not see their profile at all. On the other hand, when someone blocks you on Snapchat, you can still see their profile and send snaps or chats to them, but they will be marked as pending.

There is no solution to this reason except another user unblock you.

Reason 4 – Your internet connection

You can always use your Snapchat camera even if you are offline. You can also send snaps to your friends when you are offline. When you do it, your snaps will be marked as pending, and as soon as you connect your phone with the internet, they will be delivered. Sometimes This can happen when your internet is weak.

Reason 5 – The other user has deleted their account

The chat does not go away from the other side even if a user deletes the Snapchat account. The chat will be visible to you. You can still send snaps and texts to them. As the account does not exist anymore on Snapchat, the messages stay pending.


To conclude, these are the reasons behind the Pending message on Snapchat. You can try the above-mentioned solutions to solve the pending message issue. Sometimes this issue can happen because of app bug. Snapchat will solve it after a few hours. If everything is normal and still you are facing this issue, then try to unfriend and adding back your friend. We hope this guide solve all the doubts about the pending message issue on Snapchat.

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