Elden Ring Best Class For Beginners 2023

Elden Ring has a class feature system that lets users pick a class based on their liking and preference. All these class has their own individual strength and weaknesses; there are some options for beginners to choose from. If Elden Ring is your first RPG game, then you need to understand the class system, as for beginners the game can be very difficult if you don’t stick with a good class.

The game features multiple classes with different game styles, so gamers have many choices to make to boost their gameplay and game ranks. Although players can select their class based on their experience level, more expertise may be required to master that particular class. You may follow along for a detailed guide for the best class and strategies for Elden Ring if you are a beginner player.

Elden Ring Best Class For Beginners 2022

Elden Ring Best Class For Beginners 2023

The best class for Elden Rings beginners in my opinion be the Warrior class. It is one of the most well-built, rounded and efficient classes in the game. Warriors can deal with amazing damage and can also maintain a high level of defence combat styles.


Vigor 15 Mind 10 Endurance 11 Strength 14
Dexterity 13 Intelligence 9 Faith 9 Arcane 7

Vagabond is a special class with expertise in martial arts. The class starts with mere two melee weapons which have different ranges. Sometimes the weapons can get heavy but they are good for close combats. Vagabonds come with a heater shield, which is capable of blocking 100% of physical attacks making them ideal for beginners.

Apart from this, Vagabonds come with high strength stat making them compatible with stronger and heavy weapons in the game. Although there are some drawbacks in terms of ranged options, they are very good with close range combats.


Vigor 10 Mind 13 Endurance 10 Strength 12
Dexterity 12 Intelligence 9 Faith 14 Arcane 9

Confession is a faith oriented class with a bunch of melee options. It becomes a great option for players going into Elden Ring solo battles. The class has high strength and Dex stats which gives them the opportunity to use a variety of weapons easily.

Confession class has two abilities, urgent healing and Assasinns approach. Both the abilities make it an ideal class for early adopters. With this class, you will start with a broadsword and a Blue crest heater shield which can help you to block 100% of physical damage. The main advantage of this class is its healing abilities which are pretty much required when you are new to the gameplay.


Elden Ring Best Class For Beginners 2022

Vigor 10 Mind 14 Endurance 8 Strength 11
Dexterity 10 Intelligence 7 Faith 16 Arcane 10

The prophet is somewhat opposite to the Confesser class. While Confessors are good with solo gameplay, Prophets are better when it comes to wot multiplayer scenarios. So ideal profile if you wish to play with a bunch of friends together. In starting you will get a short spear and Rickety shield, which are weak but gets the job done.

The benefit of choosing Prophet is its heal powers where you can heal your allied players and do spirit summons. They can also deal with close range fire blasts which come in handy when you are surrounded by enemies. Choose the Prophet over the Confessor if you plan to experience the game with friends, otherwise choose Confessor for solo gameplay.


Vigor 11 Mind 12 Endurance 11 Strength 11
Dexterity 14 Intelligence 14 Faith 6 Arcane 9

Prisoner comes with mind and Dexterity traits making it a good choice for beginners. They come with high intelligence scores and are really good with long-ranged combat. The prisoner’s starting sorcery will be Magic Glintblade, which can create a homing blade for a short span of time. Although it is not very powerful, but if you charge it up for a few seconds, it can give you good results.


Vigor 14 Mind 9 Endurance 12 Strength 16
Dexterity 9 Intelligence 7 Faith 8 Arcane 11

Hero class is an all-rounder class for ground battles with melee options. They come with high strength stats and have enough power to wield heavy and powerful battle-axe options. Just like with the Vagabond, the main drawback to the Hero class is their lack of ranged options. They have low stats in Dex, Mind, Int, and Faith, though, so players have to spend a few points to bring them up to a level where spells, bows, and other ranged abilities can be used.

If you have just started the game and want to explore some good melee fighting options, the hero class is best for you. They deal with massive damages and are so powerful that can walk away with minimum HP loss.


If Elden Ring is your first RPG style game, then it will take some time to get used to the structure and game style. Although if you are familiar with RPGs, then the above classes for beginners will help you to understand the game better. Once you master these 5 beginner classes, you can move further and explore more options in the game.

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