Lost Invoice? How to Check Nintendo Switch Still Under Warranty?

Almost every tech product that you purchase comes with a warranty period. There are things that get covered inside the warranty, whereas some don’t. Most companies follow a traditional way of checking warranty, and that’s using the purchase invoice. But what if you lose it somehow? Well, we will talk about this in the case of the Nintendo Switch today. Suppose you own a Switch, and you lose the invoice and want to get your Joy-Con repaired. It doesn’t sound like an ideal scenario, but there are certain things you can do.

Let us talk about the Nintendo Switch warranty in detail and the things you can do if the purchase receipt is lost.

Nintendo Switch Warranty Period

Lost Invoice? How to Check Nintendo Switch Still Under Warranty?

Before we talk about anything else, let me tell you that the warranty period that Nintendo offers for Switch has two divisions, according to the products. The company offers a warranty period of 12 months for the console, whereas the accessories like the dock, the Joy-Con, the adapter, and other stuff carry a warranty period of three months.

You must note that the purchase warranty is only for the original purchaser and not the second-hand buyers. The second-hand buyer cannot avail of the warranty even in the mentioned period.

Using Warranty

Now, this is something that you all want an answer to. First and foremost, the easiest way to keep your warranty intact is by keeping the invoice of the Nintendo Switch safe. The time-based warranties work from the purchase date to the prescribed period, but in case you lose the invoice, then it can become a hectic task to avail warranty benefits. If you have the purchase invoice for your Nintendo Switch and it falls within the period, then no worries, you will get the service. And, if due to some reason, you have lost it, then also you don’t need to panic. The company’s official service centers can check the warranty period using the serial number of the console. There’s a white barcode-like sticker on your Nintendo Switch that helps in determining if it is under warranty or not.

However, if you want to take the complete benefits, then read the terms and conditions of the warranty and make sure you don’t void them somehow.

What’s Covered Under Warranty and Whatnot

Nintendo Switch Warranty

Don’t mistake a warranty for a guarantee. It only covers factory defects or hidden issues. You can understand factory defects as manufacturing issues, the ones which the quality-control team somehow missed before sending the Switch out for sale. On the other hand, hidden defects are those who come to notice only after a period of using the Switch.

The company doesn’t cover physical damage under warranty. You must also keep in mind that Nintendo doesn’t offer any extended warranty service. So if you are told by any store owner for buying an extended warranty, then keep in mind that Nintendo has no relation to it. This may even void your original warranty.


Warranties are crucial and must be taken care of, and especially if something like Nintendo Switch is involved. They are here to protect your system. You need not worry if you have lost your Nintendo Switch’s invoice because the company can still figure out if it has run out of warranty or not. You must still keep your receipts safe.

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