All Blood Moon Fishing Items and Enemies In Terraria

In Re-Logic’s widely acclaimed adventurous sandbox game, Terraria, the Blood Moon is an event that takes place randomly on a particular night. By using a Bloody Tear, it can be forced to take place. When the Blood Moon event is in progress, you can go and fish in any water body to have a chance of obtaining special items. You might even get to encounter some unique enemies this way.

In this new guide, we will take you through all the special items and enemies you can come across by fishing during the Blood Moon event in Terraria.

Special Enemies encountered by Blood Moon Fishing in Terraria

Let us begin by becoming familiar with the various unique hostile creatures you can encounter by Blood Moon fishing. Basically, there are five new mobs you will be able to catch this way. You will be able to find two of them (Zombie Merman and the Wandering Eye Fis) before hard mode. The Blood Eel, Dreadnautilus, and Hemogoblin Shark are available in hard mode.

Let us now take a better look at each of these foes – their stats and potential damage in the classic mode in Terraria. Obviously, the stats and damage will be raised at higher difficulty settings.

Zombie Merman

This is the first adversary you will encounter before hard mode. It is a bit tougher than the Wandering Eye Fish, but not nearly as agile. You can use that to your advantage.

  • Damage – 40
  • Defense – 20
  • Health – 400

Wandering Eye Fish

This is another enemy you will come across before hard mode. With the health of only 300 units, it is pretty easy to kill. However, it also has the ability to fly, so be wary if you catch one on your line.

  • Damage – 35
  • Defense – 18
  • Health – 300

Hemogoblin Shark

This is a seriously irksome creature that moves rapidly both in water and on land and strikes at you with projectiles. It is best to avoid fishing it up if you can.

  • Damage – 70
  • Defense – 30
  • Health – 5,000

Blood Eel

This is another agile and rapidly moving mob that can cause variable damage depending on the part of its body that you strike. Targeting its head will give you the best results and will help you take out this foe relatively swiftly.

  • Damage – 90 (Head), 60 (Body), 50 (Tail)
  • Defense – 0 (Head), 30 (Body), 40 (Tail)
  • Health – 6000


This is, by far, the most dangerous adversary you will encounter while fishing during the Blood Moon. Although the game does not officially give it the status of a boss, it is tough enough to qualify as one. It has the ability to unleash Blood Squids at you, each of which has 1000 units of health! Good luck taking down this one.

  • Damage – 55
  • Defense – 24
  • Health – 7,000

Items obtained by Blood Moon Fishing in Terraria

Okay, so we are now familiar with the enemies you can encounter while fishing during Blood Moon in Terraria. It is time to take a look at the different items you can obtain as drop loot by killing them.

  • Blood Moon Tear – Almost all foes can potentially relinquish this item as a drop. You can use it to forcefully make a Blood Moon event take place during any normal night in Terraria.
  • Advanced Combat Techniques – You will be able to retrieve this consumable item by fishing, without destroying any foe. It can give a boost of 6 to your non-playable characters’ defense, and a boost of 20 percent to their attack damage.
  • Chum Caster Fishing Rod – This is dropped by the Wandering Eye Fish or the Zombie Merman. Despite having only one-fourth of the normal fishing power, it comes with a higher chance of fishing up foes in the Blood Moon event. Thus, we recommend using this one whenever possible.
  • Chum Bucket – This is a consumable item closely related to the Chum Caster Fishing Rod. You can obtain it as a drop from any of the enemies you fish up. It will provide a boost to your fishing power for the next ten-line casts. You will be able to throw a maximum of three Chum Buckets into the water. They will correspondingly increase your fishing power by 2 percent, 4 percent, and 7 percent, respectively. Throwing in any more Chum Buckets will have no benefit in regards to your fishing power.
  • Blood Moon Monolith – This item can be obtained as a drop from the Dreadnautilus. It can pleasantly change the aesthetics of your surroundings on being put down. That is pretty much all it does in the game.

Special Weapons obtained by Blood Moon Fishing in Terraria

  • Blood Rain Bow – This item can be obtained from the two pre-hardmode Blood Moon adversaries. It has the power to transform any arrow into a Blood Arrow that falls from the skies above. It is not that effective against solo enemies but can come in handy when dealing with large groups of targets or exceptionally huge sized foes.
  • Vampire Frog Staff – This is another rarer weapon that you can obtain as a drop from pre-hard mode enemies. It will summon a little Vampire Frog that will fight alongside you. Although it deals with rather low damage, the summon itself can produce extreme damage. This makes it effective against big hordes of foes.
  • Haemorrhaxe – As its name suggests, this powerful axe can be obtained as a drop from the Blood Eel also and also from the Hemogoblin Shark. You can enjoy going around sabotaging demon altars with this thing as well.
  • Blood Thorn – This is dropped by the Hemogoblin Shark. It launches an attack wherever your mouse’s cursor is pointing. It also comes in handy when mining.
  • Drippler Crippler – This is a powerful flail that you can obtain as a drop from the Blood Eel. It unleashes projectiles that can rebound off the ground and impale foes lethally. It can wreak some serious havoc when used against large hordes of enemies.
  • Sanguine Staff – This item can be obtained as a drop from the Dreadnautilus. It can summon bats that will accompany you and attack any enemies in the vicinity in a circular pattern. If you can position yourself aptly in such a situation, they will cause some dramatic chaos among the enemy ranks.

That is it for now. We hope you all have a great time with the Blood Moon fishing experience in Terraria. Check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides for more content. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel can help you win our $150 giveaway contest. If you have any queries or feedback, comment down below with your name along with e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Happy Gaming.

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