How To Download Netflix TV Shows And Movies

Are you new to the OTT platform Netflix.?! Do you want to know how to download movies and TV shows on Netflix.? Everybody loves to Netflix and chill. However, streaming several movies and TV series requires a lot of data. Data is going to cost you money. Most of the time it’s not free except if you are at a café or an airport. Now, you can’t go to the airport or cafe simply to watch Netflix.

Viewers can watch their favorite web content offline by downloading it. Netflix is lenient enough to allow its subscribers to download movies and shows. In this guide, I will explain to you what are the exact steps to download a movie or TV show on Netflix.

how to download movies and TV shows on Netflix

Download Netflix TV Shows And Movies

If you are trying to download a TV series, then you can download it episode by episode. This means there is no way to completely download the series or the season of the series.

On the other hand, movies are downloadable as and it is. Before downloading make sure that you have enough storage space left on your device. Otherwise, the content from Netflix won’t download.

Steps to Download Movie or TV Show on Netflix

  • open the Netflix app on your device
  • Search for the movie of your choice
  • Press play and let the movie stream
  • Below the player, you will see a Download option
  • Tap that option to start downloading that movie
  • At the bottom of the Netflix interface, there will be a Downloads option
  • Tap on that to get access to all the movies and TV series that you have downloaded for offline viewing.

The methods to download a TV series on Netflix are entirely the same. For each episode that you stream you will see the Download option below the player. Tap on it and get that episode offline.

Remove any Movie or TV Series Episode that You’ve Downloaded?

If you have completely watched any movie or TV series present in your Netflix downloads section, you may want to remove it.

That will enable you to make space for downloading new content and watch them offline.

To delete any downloaded movie or TV series,

  • Go to the Netflix app
  • Tap on Downloads
  • Next, at the top-right corner, tap the pencil symbol
  • Select the TV series episode or movie that you wish to delete from the Downloads
  • Then tap the bin icon to delete

Automatically Download Content from Netflix

Yes, if you wonder whether you don’t have to do any manual work and have your choice of Movie or TV series downloaded automatically, that is very much possible on Netflix.

Make sure you are running the latest version of Netflix on your device. Then you can see there is a feature in the app which is called Downloads for You.

This feature automatically downloads movies and TV series on your devices. The only shortcoming is this feature is currently available for Android OS only. We can expect iOS to have this feature soon.

Besides, to automatically download a myriad of movies and web series a good WiFi connection is required. This means whenever you are connected to WiFi this feature will start downloading the movies and TV series for you. This feature doesn’t work if your device is on a cellular network.

Now, you may ask how the Downloads for You will know what you prefer to watch.? That’s how artificial intelligence works.  Depending upon your watch history on Netflix, similar movies and TV shows will be downloaded automatically.

Steps to Enable Smart Download Feature on Netflix

  • open Netflix
  • Go to Downloads
  • Under that, an option Smart Downloads should be there.
  • Tap on the toggle beside this option to enable it
  • To keep a tab on the storage space left after downloading any content there is a storage bar that shows how much storage offline downloaded content are consuming
  • You can accordingly delete the content you already watched or the ones you are not interested to watch. This will make the storage space available for downloading movies and TV shows that you may watch in the future.


Note: you can even set the Download limit based on storage. It means you can allocate 1 GB or 5GB (any amount) of storage depending on the storage your device has. 

After that allocated storage is filled up the Downloads for You won’t download any Netflix content on your device. It’s a pretty smart way to have your choice of movies and web series on your devices without having to manually download them.

So, that’s both ways automatic and manual to download movies and TV series episodes on Netflix.

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