List of AOSP Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM Supported Devices

As we all know that the Google has already rolled out their latest version of Android, the Android 9 Pie. The Google always names its Android versions after a sweet dessert. This time too, the Company managed to name its Android Version after a sweet dessert, the Pie. Well, some of the devices like the Google’s own Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL has already got this update for the latest Android Version. With, that being said, all OEMs are working on updates for their devices. Just in case you don’t already know, Android is an Open Source Project (AOSP) by Google. This means that the Company makes the source code for the Android publically. This helps the OEMs to make changes to the Source Code according to their taste and then make it available for the devices.

Now, since the Android is an Open Source Project, the developer community is always seen working around it and making it available for the devices unofficially. Well, there are still a lot of devices for which it’s hard to find the first ports of Android Pie. Therefore, today in this post, we would be covering on a List of AOSP Android Pie Supported devices [Custom ROM]. But before we do, let us first take a look at What’s on Android Pie.

List of AOSP Android Pie Custom ROM Supported Devices

What’s on Android Pie?

The Google has started rolling out the next major version of Android for the supported Google Pixel devices. After the Android 8.0 Oreo, this is the 9th iteration of Android from Google. With Android Pie, Google has revamped many UI changes which include the notification panel, Settings, Quick Toggles and more. The main highlighted features of Android Pie are notification panel, indoor WiFi positioning, support for iPhone X-style notches, Material Design 2, Dark Mode, Enhanced Auto-fill, Dual Camera API, Neural network API implementation and many more.

Well, let us now take a quick look at some of the most important features of Android 9 Pie. Should we?

Android 9.0 Pie Features

Here are some of the main features of the Android 9 Pie:

  • Gestures: With this release of Android, the Google removed the original home button with a pill that supports gestures. For instance, the users can slide up to show recent apps or slide right to quickly switch between apps.
  • New Recent Apps menu: With the earlier versions of Android, there used to be a stacked card list of Recent Apps. This is now replaced with a horizontal card list.
  • New User Interface: The Android 9 Pie has an all-new user interface which is even more minimal. Google has used the Color Sche,e which they call it as Material Design 2 with this version of Android.
  • Dashboard: Also known as Digital Wellbeing is One of our personal favorite features of the Android 9 Pie is the addition of a Dashboard. Now, the dashboard is that feature which would help you track your overall usage. Users can track the app(s) usage, sleep and more. The objective here is to prevent distractions and focus on productive things.
  • Slices: With earlier versions of Android, when we search for an app on Android, the app icon itself comes up. But with this version of Android, Google is going to show you information that’s embedded within apps.

So those were some of the Android Pie features, now let us move on to the List of AOSP Android Pie Supported devices [Custom ROM development].

List of AOSP Android Pie Custom ROM Supported devices

Wait! Before we begin our list. Let us clear some things to you with our prerequisites section. Should we?


  • Make sure that you have unlocked the bootloader of your Android Device.
  • Your Android Device should be rooted and you should have the custom recovery like TWRP installed on your device.
  • Don’t forget to take a full backup of everything on your device before installing any Custom Pie ROM. That way, you would be on the safer side just in case something gets wrong.
  • Your Android Device should have at least a 60% charge left.

Now, let us get to the list of Android Devices.

List of supported Android Devices 

Here is a list of Android Devices which would be supported by the Android 9 Pie Open Source Project  [Custom ROM development].

AOSP Pie for Huawei devices:

AOSP Pie for LG devices:

AOSP Pie for Lenovo devices:

AOSP Pie for Motorola devices:

AOSP Pie for Asus devices:

AOSP Pie for Samsung devices:

AOSP Pie for Nokia devices:

AOSP Pie for Sony devices:

AOSP Pie for Xiaomi devices:

AOSP Pie for Google devices:

AOSP Pie for Oppo devices:

AOSP Pie for Realme devices:

AOSP Pie for UMiDIGI devices:

AOSP Pie for ZTE devices:

AOSP Pie for OnePlus devices:

AOSP Pie for HTC devices:

AOSP Pie for Meizu devices:

AOSP Pie for Doogee devices:

AOSP Pie for Cubot devices:

AOSP Pie for Leagoo devices:

AOSP Pie for Oukitel devices:

AOSP Pie for Lava devices:

AOSP Pie for Blackview devices:

AOSP Pie for Alcatel devices:

AOSP Pie for Ulefone devices:

AOSP Pie for Smartisan devices:

AOSP Pie for BQ devices:

AOSP Pie for LeEco devices:

AOSP Pie for Other branded devices:

Device Name Download Link
Mobicel HYPE Link Here
LYF Water 8 Link Here
General Mobile GM8 Link Here
General Mobile GM9 Pro Link Here
Alldocube M5 Link Here
Elephone A4 Link Here
Elephone Soldier Link Here
Elephone A4 Pro Link Here
HomTom S99 Link Here
Chuwi Hi9 Air Link Here
Infinix Note 5 Link Here
Itel A32F Link Here
Wiko View Max Link Here
Wiko Lenny 5 Link Here
Yu Yureka 2 Link Here
Yu Yureka Black Link Here
Sharp Aquos S2 Link Here
IUNI U2 Link Here
Elephone U Pro Link Here
HTC 10 Link Here
Bluboo D6 Link Here
General Mobile GM 5 Link Here
YU Yureka Link Here
Wileyfox Swift Link Here
YU Yunique Link Here
YU Yuphoria Link Here
Essential Phone PH-1 Link Here
Nextbit Robin Link Here
Krip K5 Link Here
Razer Phone Link Here
Coolpad Mega 5C Link Here
Tecno Camon 11 Link Here
AGM A9 Link Here
AGM X3 Link Here
Yandex Phone Link Here
Vertex Impress Luck Link Here
Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 Link Here
Smartron Srt.Phone Link Here
Coolpad Cool 1 Link Here
Infinix S4 Link Here
Gionee Elife E7 Link Here
Pantech Vega Secret Note Link Here
Pantech Vega Pop-Up Note Link Here
Pantech VEGA Iron 2 Link Here
Sharp Aquos S3 Link Here
Condor Plume L1 Plus Link Here
BLU Studio X8 HD 2019 Link Here
Camfone Honey Y1 Link Here
Symphony V128 Link Here
Itel A14 Max Link Here
Walton Primo EF8 4G Link Here
Vivo Y90 Link Here
Qmobile Infinity D Link Here
Fly Life Ace Link Here
Symphony Z15 Link Here
Symphony i97 Link Here
Symphony i65 Link Here
Digma Citi 1576 3G Link Here
Coolpad N3 Mini Link Here
Wileyfox Swift 2 and 2 Plus Link Here
Jinga Win Pro Link Here
Jinga Hit 4G Link Here
Aston Idea X Link Here
Maximus P6 Link Here
Maximus P1 Link Here
Walton Primo F8S Link Here
Advan S6 Plus Link Here
Black Fox B7 Link Here
BLU Vivo XL4 Link Here
Karbonn Platinum P9 Pro Link Here
Vestel Venus V6 Link Here
Vestel Venus Z30 Link Here
Vestel Venus E4 Link Here
Casper Via A3 Link Here
Casper VIA A3 Plus Link Here
Casper VIA G3 Link Here
BLU C6 Link Here
Alldocube M8 Link Here
Alldocube M5XS Link Here
Nomi i5710 Infinity X1 Link Here
Symphony V142 Link Here
Dexp B245 Link Here
Itel A46 Link Here
Vertex Impress Vira Link Here
Infinix Hot 7 Link Here
Bravis NB76 3G Link Here
Fly View Link Here
DEXP Ursus L110 Link Here
Wiko Sunny 3 Link Here
Vertex Impress Pluto Link Here
Inoi 5 Pro Link Here
Vertex Impress Astra Link Here
Xolo ZX Link Here
Xolo Era 4x Link Here
Archos Hello 7 Link Here
Razer Phone 2 Link Here
AllCall S5500 Link Here
AllCall S1 Link Here
AllCall Rio X Link Here
Teclast P10 4G Link Here
Teclast M20 4G Link Here
Wileyfox Storm Link Here


So, guys, that was the list of Android Devices which would be supported by the Android 9 Pie Open Source Project  [Custom ROM development]. Now, just in case, if you are someone who didn’t find your Device on the list, then don’t worry at all. We would be updating the list from time-to-time. So make sure that you bookmark this page on your browser and come here often to check if your device enters the list or not. With that being said, let us know your thoughts on AOSP Android Pie Supported devices in the comments section down below.


  1. My mobile Lenovo K6 power I want Android Pie so if U want so my help I update Naught by Lenovo and I suffer ed so please help me

  2. Hello Abhinav Jai
    You’re very smart with technology.. I wonder can you help me with my device I’m looking for any custom ROMs suitable for my old tablet.
    My device:
    Samsung galaxy Tab j max
    SM T285YD
    Brought on Alibaba
    Carrier: SoftBank

  3. Hey Meet, m using Lava Pixel V2

    m awaiting for the same ROM

    is it highly possible for this device..

  4. Great article! But just a bit of helpful (hopefully you don’t take offense to this Abhinav) in the English language we don’t use the definite article before stating a person, place or thing such as Android Pie, Google, or AOSP. In other words you wouldn’t commonly say”the Google” or “the Android Pie” and so forth. We simply say they noun without the definite article.
    Why isn’t the OnePlus 6 on the list? Every other OnePlus device is listed but the most recent flagship isn’t included? That seems rather lame in the highest degree! Anyhow, that’s my opinion. And we all know opinions are like buttholes! Everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks lol!

    1. Brother… I understand your concern.Thanks for your advice. It really matters to us. We will improve the writings. Anyway let’s understand why we didn’t include the OnePlus 6 device. Well, OnePlus 6 is the latest flagship device which already received the Android Pie beta. Here our article shares only AOSP Custom ROM based on Android Pie. Currently there is no Custom ROM based on AOSP Android Pie for OnePlus 6. So stay tuned.

  5. I noticed the Samsung S5 is listed in the device list but the S7 was not. Is it slated for later or have you heard anything about it? Thanks

  6. I would like to see the Motorola Photon 4G, simply because with Google putting it on the list maybe just maybe then every Photon owner that got #metoo’d by Motorola would be given the chance to die from proudly testing ROM’s instead of the phone that it never waa allowed to be.
    (Strong arm motoloser into unlocking the bootloader Google)
    LG Stylo 2 (lets not waste this phone, would be a good test subject …just saying)

  7. Just wondering i live 2 doors down from my brother and he has Samsung Galaxy s9+ and i have the s9 24 hours ago he woke to android pie loaded on his phone and had loaded early morning about 2a.m on 26th but my s9 did not receive pie update and id heard the 2 phones would update same time?? Any info on this??

  8. Hi Abhinav, great article and very informative, just a word of caution to anyone with a first gen pixel, not all goes well with the upgrade, mine can not longer receive calls and it frequently locks up or simply gives a “ui” error.

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